Edwin Deeds

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Clan Samedi
Position None
Status 1
Domain Portland Maine
Coterie None Known
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Path of Bones 000
Player Spencer R



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Alias(es): Kindred know him as Edwin Deeds

Real Name: Why would he tell you that?

Apparent Age: He's a corpse...

Concept: Scholar

Physical description: Standing roughly 5' 8" tall, he wears a long leather trench coat, top hat complete with a joker card stuck into it and round glasses.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Schueller of Bonn Germany

Character Information

Known History

Not much is known about Edwin Deeds. A long time colleague by the name of Professor Kholler contacted Edwin in November of 2013, to entice him away from his studies in his library and back into the kindred world. Now he looks to make a name for himself in the domain of Prince Andrea McDermott.



Professor Kholler - Nos of Lewiston/Auburn


The Giovanni




None Known


None Known

Character Inspirations