Demitri Armorieri

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Clan Tremere
Status 6+5+3
Domain Natal and Fort North, Brazil
Coterie ???
Society None
Path Humanity -
Player Pablo Celani


Demitri Armorieri - Reference Photo


Real Name:
Apparent Age:
Concept: Tremere Prince
Physical description:
Armorieri is a man with a supernatural beauty. He has an athletic body, with penetrating jade green eyes , his hair is black hair and your skin is white. His height is 1,85 meters. Usually wears a black suit, holding a walking stick adorned with runes and a huge red stone on the handle..

Armorieri é um homem de beleza sobrenatural.Ele tem um corpor atrlético, com penetrantes olhos verde jade . Seus cabelos negros negros e sua pele alva. Sua altura é de 1,85 metros.Geralmente usa um terno preto,segurando uma bengala adornada com runas e uma grande pedra vermelha no cabo.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged (Vojta Aminov Prince of Panamá City)
  • Dedicated (Uriel de Évora, Former Prince of Natal)
  • Respected (Gehard Barrés Former Primogen of Natal)
  • Exalted (Peregrino de Carvalho Former Prince of Parahyba)
  • Feared (Felipe Lyon, Former Prince of Parahyba)
  • Honored (Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleiev, Former Prince of Recife)
  • Exalted, Famous, Well-Known, Distinguished as Prince of Natal
  • Venerable as Sovereign Prince of Natal
  • Dignified (Dignatary)
  • August (Luminary)
  • Respected (Scion)

Character Information

Known History

- Former Primogen under Prince Magnus Van Eyck Matado of Natal Rio grande do Nortein 2003
- Former Seneschal under Prince Jesus da Lua of Natal Rio Grande do Norte from 2006 to 2008
- Former Primogen again under Prince Dom Uriel de Évora of Natal Rio Grande do Norte from 2008 to 2010
- Former Archon serving Justicar Lord Jaroslav Pascek 2010 to 2011
- Prince of Natal and Forte Norte




Former Prince Elder Magnus Van Eyck Matado
Elder Gehard Barrés
Former archon Peter Presmyrl
Archon Miguel Alvarez
Archon Ryan
Archon Pezão
Archon Marcellus Renano
Elder Ladslaw Marjorie
Elder Jean-Luck Matado




Lucian Armorieri (Deceased)


Ezio Soretto Armorieri
Valentina Vasquez Armorieri
Marduk Armorieri


Módius Armorieri
Alan Carvalho

Character Inspirations



Rhapsody - The Magic of the Wizard's Dream
Skyrim - From Past to Present


"I want to see your soul"
"I can stop your pain, just...sleep"


- He has powerful spirits serving him.
- He was looking for Summa Imperii.
- He cries out for Tremere supremacy.
- He is intolerant of Nosferatu.
- He has many mages allies.
- He has some magic and unique artifacts.
- He plans to expand the Tremere's polítical influence around all South América.