Darla Cooper

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Clan Tremere
Position Harpy
Status 3
Domain Old Dominion (Northern Virginia)
Coterie Member of the Chantry
Society None
Path Humanity 000
Player Patience



Real Name: Darlene Cooper

Apparent Age: 19-20ish

Concept: A Seer Tremere whose prophetic abilities got her noticed before becoming a kindred.

Physical description: Darla has dirty, basically super light brown, blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She often is found wearing some color with black corset Renaissance style dress but with a shirt collar, and a matching cape over it. The cape has a gold clasp that clasps across her clavicles, and she wears her hair loose and beachy styled. She always seems ever so slightly distant, and her tone of voice when she speaks is light and airy.

Detailed Status:


Loyal(Tom Anderson)

Dedicated (Sheniver)

Character Information

Known History

She arrived to the local chantry in Northern Virginia to work under and aid the local regent. She had a somewhat unusual finding of existence after leaving her home in Nebraska with a traveling Ren faire before she was turned over to the Tremere where she was then embraced and sent to Vienna for the customary ten years. Since being in the Chantry, Darla has worked hard to prove she belongs there and has been promoted locally for her efforts as well as found her way into more Tremere focused society. She has a plan, and she's started to work with other nearby clanmates to put these hopes into action.


She has none, she has focused more on Tremere socializing over local grouping. However, she always uses her gifts to aid the domain she resides in and her Regent is a primogen of.


Tom Anderson and his Chantry

Deja Moon


Morgan Trevani


The time mage

The young girl who tattoos people with her finger


A Tremere that someone was in debt to. The someone paid off their debt by handing over Darla, the Mortal Seer.




None that she is aware of

Character Inspirations

A little bit of Trewlaney crossed with Tinkerbell in terms of appearance.


  • Six Feet Under - Oshins, Leslie Powell
  • Hands Behind My Back - Amber Liu
  • Freaks Like Us - Sleeping Wolf
  • The Magic - Lola Blanc
  • Ready to Run - Adam Lambert
  • More Than You Believe You Know - Michael McFarland
  • Born to be Wild (Acoustic Piano Version) - J2, Blu Holliday
  • Back to Me - Lindsay Lohan
  • MisUnderstood - New Years Day
  • Never Alone - Krigare
  • Demons and Angels - Reimagined -LOWBORN


"There should be a Tom around here somewhere." - Darla to the visiting Genevieve Solomon and Hajime


She wants to weaponize her prophteic abilities. She has yet to be wrong interpreting a vision of hers for her domain's well-being.