Carter Locke

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Clan Tremere
Position So Very Dead
Status 6+1
Domain Wheeling, WV
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player [1]


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Real Name: Rowan Locke

Apparent Age: 30-something

Concept: Warlock skulk

Physical description: In the past, Carter was often seen skulking in an oversized hoodie, and often wore a purle t-shirt with a raven design on it. Later he wore all black, including a stylized loose shirt, and various baubles and charms. Currently, he tends to appear in a purple button down and black suit jacket, at least at potentially political Kindred gatherings.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged, Dutiful, Informative, Loyal, Well-Connected, Resourceful; Influential as Harpy

Character Information

Known History

Carter Locke was Acknowledged in Cleveland, Ohio after it was discovered that the "Caitiff" accompanying a roaming anarch gang was Tremere, and he was forced to return to his own kind instead of enjoying relative freedom with his friends.

Locke did not seem to like associating with his own Clan, preferring the company of Anarchs and apparent underdogs. Carter often moved about even after his Acknowledgement, uncomfortable with other Tremere for quite some time.

More recently, Locke seems to be entirely comfortable with his Clan. He seems to have a certain devotion to Lydia Laurent, and still seems to favor the company of various, more independent thinkers such as certain Brujah, Gangrel, Malkavians - even Children of Haqqim at times.

Locke has assumed the role of Harpy in Wheeling, WV.


What a good question. ;-)


They know who they are.


What enemies?




As if anyone would know that!

Character Inspirations

Carter is a combination of Mouse, a cowardly skulk from the original "Beauty and the Beast" TV series, and Endora, the condescending and mischievous mother spellcaster from "Bewitched." He's evolving more into the catty string puller Yurimaru from "Ninja Scroll" (the movie, the tv series sucked!).




  • He likes to wear purple.
  • He is from Detroit, Michigan.
  • He was once an Anarch.
  • He does not like being a Tremere, nor like his own clan.
  • Took Praxis of lowly Wheeling, WV in a bloody affair, then never once attended another court.
  • This was less than amusing to others, and he soon disappeared permanently.