Carlos Jorginho

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Clan Toreador
Position Seneschal
Status 1 + 2
Domain Florianópolis, SC/Brazil
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Yohannes Scherer


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Carlos Jorginho, Nego da Lapa , Nego, CJ
Real Name:
Apparent Age: 23
Concept: Malandro
Physical description:
1.76m; 75kg; Dark Skin, Dark Eyes, Always wears a white "panama" hat
Detailed Status:
- Acknowledged by André Sampaio - Former prince of both Florianópolis and Laguna
- Cherished by position
- Esteemed by position

Character Information

Known History



Carlos has no Allies, just friends. Because to have an ally you need a goal, and he has no goals. But friends, he has a bunch of. As he consider friends most people he has shared a few words with.


Again, Carlos has no enemy‘s. Because to have an enemy you need ambition or possessions, both that he has none of.


André Sampaio (Deceased)



Character Inspirations

Bezerra da Silva
MC Catra
A bunch of samba songs


Bare Necessities - The Jungle Book [1]
Hakuna Matata - The Lion King [2]


"How can you tell me 100 bucks is nothing, I should show you how much fun I have in a week with 100 bucks" - To a Ventrue, that said that 100 bucks was to little to bet on a game.
"Damn, now I will have to ask gabriela for some money again, she will kill me for spending that much in one game" - after loosing that same game
"This party is kinda boring, I will ask the prince permission to move this party to Minga‘s bar, its near, just go down the road, take a right, and you will se a transvestite blonde infront of it" - to a bunch of members, before going to ask the prince if it was ok to move the party. He strongly denied.
"You dont know mr. Jorge that lives besides Minga‘s Bar? He looks exactly like you, maaan, he must be your son? are you sure you never impregnated a black woman?" - to a malkavian he just met
"You wanna know if I know someone strong enought to defend me if the sabbat comes? Yeah I do. I will hang out with Master Bee, he is a strong "nigga"" - To a Gangrel, talking about his ghoul Master Bee a capoeira master.
"Ok. Before investigating anything related to the enemy, call me." - The same gangrel, after hearing that.
"I don‘t why is there such a fuzz because of the way Marcos Aurelio refers to me. I never asked to be called Guardian, Keeper or anything else, and I don‘t mind titles given to me. I do what I have to do, because the prince asked me to, and I prefer to be referred as "friend." - In a discussion on the Camarilla Online Forum
"I will be brutally sincere. You play made me want to take you home and rip off each piece of your clothing." - judging a toreador's theatrical play


They say he is still human, he just likes to hang out with vampires because they have some wicked party‘s.
They say he hates a brujah for killing his sire
They say he is a Tremere, as he lives with one.
They say he is blood bound to the tremere, as he lives with one.
They say he saved a princes life, risking his unlife against an ancient infernalist tzimize. After that life defining moment, he was never the same.