Brian Oswald Buckley

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Clan Malkavian
Position Primogen
Status 5
Domain Hartford, CT
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player James Monty-Carbonari



Alias(es): None.
Real Name: Brian Oswald Buckley
Apparent Age: Mid to Late Twenties.
Real Age: 45yo - 25 alive, 20 dead
Concept: Mad Artist/Scientist
Physical description: A chubby, bearded man with a perpetual smile.
Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged - Former Prince Checkov
  • Honored - Former Prince Stast of Hartford - Positional
  • Diligent - Former Primogen Eliza of Clan Malkavian
  • Well Known - Former Prince Vivian Davenport of Hartford
  • Respected - Prince Anya of Hartford
  • Revered - Positional (Primogen)
  • Knowledgeable - Prince Angelize Valez

Character Information

Known History

Brian was born in 1975 in Braintree, MA. His father was an Air Force veteran, his mother a homemaker and amateur artist. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Braintree, before going off to college. In 1998, he moved to Springfield, MA where he participated in the local art scene. After a few failed shows, he finally got a good gig for his series "Funny Faces" in 2000, where he met his sire, and was promptly embraced by her that very night of the show's opening. After that he spent a few years in Springfield, til in 2006, he decided to move to the nearby Camarillan domain of Hartford, realizing that structure was what he was missing in his unlife among the chaos of the Anarch movement. He was acknowledged by Prince Chekov, and made a few attempts at showing off his art, which were met with limited success. Shortly thereafter during the raids from New Haven Sabbat, Brian was attacked and sent into torpor. He woke up in early 2008 a changed being, and made his way back to the court, suffering a bad case of amnesia. Brian's works begin to earn him notoriety in the court, and his portraits of the Prince are highly praised. He develops a very close relationship with the princes of Hartford from this point on, and in November 2008, he is appointed the Keeper of Elysium by reigning Prince Stast. Brian takes to his duties with great fervor, creating new works of art, beefing up security at the major Elysia, developing media and bureaucratic contacts to cover up breaches of the masquerade, and studying intensely. He goes through the reign of Six more princes, always maintaining his position. In April 2011, Brian's behavior begins to change after an encounter with a being from another existence to which he lost his personal ghouls. His mind reshaped, he becomes less the happy housekeeper and more the merry malcontent. When the neocarthraganian threat struck the area, Brian was oddly silent, refusing to take a firm stand against the casino downtown, raising questions as to his loyalty. Further questions were raised when, in September 2011 he disobeyed orders from the prince and following the lead of a younger kindred who said she had been sent on a mission by Prince Anya to bring a message to the Whore of Babylon inside the casino, set about trying to gain entrance to the casino by distracting the guards, which lead to a firefight at the entrance gate. Sneaking past during the ensuing chaos, Brian was attempting to gain entry to the security shed to destroy the evidence when he was shot by a military assault team emerging from inside the casino. What he did not know at the time, was that this botched the entire operation which was being planned for that evening by the rest of the court to destroy the temple. When he returned to the court that evening, he took his punishment without protest, admitting to his extremely poor judgement, and lack of diligence in investigating the story of the neonate. He was stripped of his Diligent status for this scandal and for his disobedience. The neonate for her part, admitted to duping Brian, and proceeded to mouth off to the rest of the court, nearly getting herself killed. Brian spent the next month keeping to himself in his lab so he would not get in further trouble. In October, the assault on the temple occurred, and Brian, done up in clown makeup and carrying several balloons he claimed were filled with a paralytic gas joined the fray, helping to clear out mortal bystanders. The ritual was stopped, but the Whore got away. The next month was the yearly Northeast Event, which he had to not only keep an eye on the Camarillans and Anarchs, but also the Sabbat who showed up as well, as part of the truce. Brian found the affair rather boring, and kept leaving, missing the entire combat encounter which occurred inside the Elysium between the whore and the combined forces of the Camarilla, Anarchs and Sabbat, causing many breaches of the Elysium, none of which he could have seen. At the end of the gathering, he was asked to pass judgement on the evening's events, as far as the Elysium was concerned, and dredging up an old piece of lore about his position, made the hasty decision to say that "during times of great danger to the domain and Elysium, the keeper can choose to temporarily suspend the Elysium to allow for a threat to be dealt with." This was unwise, and he should have taken time to think about his decision. This decision made many people angry, and weakened his reputation further. Deciding to run, he packed everything and left the city in a hurry, heading back up to Massachusetts. He was stopped near Worcester and forced to head back to Springfield, which he found practically deserted. He headed then to Westchester where he sought asylum from the Prince, which was denied, stating that they thought he should take some more time, calm down, and think about what he needed to do, instead of acting out of fear. He returned to Hartford the next month, and found that the Prince was missing, or away, and was asked to stay on as Keeper for the time being until he could talk with the prince. He was later approached by Tobias Ashford and asked to attend a meeting, where he was tasked with tracking down and destroying the being known as Stitches, along with a group of 5 Anarchs. Being the most familiar with the problem and the most charismatic of the group, he became the defacto leader. The Anarchs took him back to their base of operations where he was greeted with Hostility from some of their more aggressive members, but managed to avoid being mauled. He has reclaimed his havens, having not missed a month's rent, and is currently still operating in Hartford. He went back to Westchester this past week and thanked the Prince for his advice, letting him know he would no longer require asylum. While there, he was approached by members of the Mafia to perform a task for them involving property destruction. No story has been seen in any newspapers regarding an incident like this. Brian recently resigned the office of the Keeper of Elysium in Hartford.

Five years Later

Brian resurfaced from his lab in 2016, greatly enlightened. He was quickly made Primogen of Clan Malkavian in Hartford, a position for which there would soon be a need. A new Malkavian Prince emerged in nearby New Britain, and then everything went crazy.

Nick Clemente

In October 2016 a freshly made Malkavian Neonate came stumbling into Hartford, having learned about us on the internet. He was placed under Brian's accounting, and Brian did his best to teach the young Malkavian what he understood about the ins and outs of polite Kindred society. In some ways, he appears to have done exceedingly well, in others, terribly poorly. Nick burns bright and fast, gaining status outstripping his 'sire' within a year's time. Brian is very proud of him, he has said. Somehow, all the intrigues surrounding Biltmore and Quentin King seem to focus on Nick when they seek an outlet, and Brian tries to put the pieces of a larger picture together than even Nick's puzzle obsession may be capable of seeing.

Giga Girl

Brian recently recovered the BB Girl project, a sentient AI trapped in a robot shell he'd sold to a Toreador. He believes he must teach her the meaning of love. Some people told Brian that love is a warm gun. Others (women) tried to get through his (male) skull that that wasn't right at all.


Brian has managed to gain a degree of leadership over a pack of Anarchs. He was very close to The Prince and Seneschal, and other city officials, as well as friendly with the Nosferatu Prince of Westchester Edmond Dantes. This has all changed recently. Brian is now persona non-gratia among many of the city's officials since resigning his post and being publicly humiliated for his sins.

Five Years Later

Not sure who Brian could call an ally anymore, other than his surrogate childe Nick.


Brian has some connections to the Hartford Arts Council, and maintains membership on their board. The director is a close friend and ally in Brian's struggle to bring Hartford the cultural clout it deserves. Brian's new connections with Comedy Central are proving very beneficial to the region, causing the creation of about 50 new jobs in entertainment in the area. These people love him, and owe their livelihood to him. He treats them with the respect and courtesy they deserve, and he does what he can to foster their dreams working in entertainment.

Five Years Later The show has run it's course, but he's gotten some fame out of it. He's started branching into the financial and military sectors.


He's such a nice guy, and he really doesn't step on many toes, but He's begun to stumble in his sanity and his position as Keeper of the Elysium, with his spectacular failure at the Northeast Event, nullifying the Elysium temporarily under an arcane rule instead of stripping the prince and several other Camarillans of their standing in the sect, and losing face in front of the entire gathered crowd, Sabbat and Anarchs among them. He has a professional rivalry with Toreador Primogen James Norton, whom he has fallen out of favor with due to his recent inaction on the breaches of the Elysium that occured at the Northeast Event. Brian has since resigned his post as Keeper of Elysium.

Brian made a lot of people angry by disobeying Prince Anya's edict not to go near the Whore's temple casino, resulting in months of planning, boons, favors and money to all go down the drain according to the Prince. He is in big trouble with the Prince and all of clan Assamite, as well as his own Primogen.

Brian also dislikes the WWE, claiming it's not real entertainment, just mindless fans of violence, testosterone junkies, and poorly scripted matches that a child should be able to decipher. He uses every opportunity in his cartoons to lay the smackdown on World Wrestling Entertainment. There are rumors he helped fund Chris Murphy to defeat Linda McMahon in the recent election.

Five Years Later

No one remembers that stuff anymore. Funny how few people stick around any length of time.


Stephanie Rider, an Anarch Malkavian from Springfield. Not Stephanie Ryder the Gangrel Porn Star. She is missing, but presumed still undead.


Brian has no childer he knows of, and no current want for any more headaches.

Two ghouls are enough trouble. - Note, His two original ghouls were killed under mysterious circumstances. He had been seen recently with the infamous womanizer "Arturo 'Mr. Fandango' Calivari", but it appears that Brian has abandoned Arturo. He has been seen wandering around the tri state area with a new ghoul. There are rumors that the ghoul is a criminal who wronged Brian seriously in the past, and this is his punishment to the pitiful creature.

Brian has begun to show off some of the larger robots he's built, with combat capabilities.

Five Years Later

Brian still hasn't sired, but he's had one successful surrogate under the accounting, and has a second one who is flighty. Additionally, his sentient Robot BB Girl has come home and is being reworked into a sort of... childe.


Unknown. He lost touch with his sire, and never got to know if he has any other vampiric siblings.

Character Inspirations

  • Salvador Dali
  • Dr. Steel
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Matt Stone
  • Adam Savage
  • Doctor Frankenstien
  • Doctor Light


  • "Where is my mind?"
  • "I am the Walrus"
  • "The Man Who Sold The World"
  • "Lament for a Toy Factory"
  • "Build the Robots"


"Don't quote me."


  • Brian resigned from his duties as the Keeper of Elysium in Hartford.
  • Brian has returned to Hartford and been given a special assignment.
  • Brian was an Anarch (True)
  • Brian owes his life to Jack Sawyer.
  • His show on comedy central with the cartoon robots has made him a household name. (Fame x 5)
  • Brian gave substantial airtime and money to Chris Murphy in order to defeat Linda McMahon because of his personal grudge with the WWE.
  • Brian has been in his workshop night and day for months.
  • I heard him talking about sex robots.

Five Years Later

  • He is the white castle. Like, the hamburger restaurant. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS!
  • Has a massive crush on Alice and named his sex robot after her.
  • Is one of the few people who is in fact, NOT Prosymnus. Upon checking his underwear, he realized he is Calvin Klein.
  • He isn't who he thinks he is
  • He's a robot of Brian that thinks he is Brian
  • Wasn't his sire 10th generation?