Alonzo DeRicci

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Clan Toreador
Position Dead
Status 0
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie ???
Society None
Path None -
Player Jared Y


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Real Name: Alonzo DeRicci

Apparent Age: Mid 20s

Concept: Techie Toreador

Physical description: Tall and slender with long always tied back or braided. Most often seen wearing a red button down shirt and black vest. His laptop is always close at hand. Or his phone. Or really any electronic.

Detailed Status: Dead

Character Information

Known History

Living he grew up in an Italian Ghetto in the San Francisco Bay area. Helping his father fishing, mainly by manning the radio. It came naturally to him. The moon landing inspired Alonzo to pursue Computer Studies. Even got an invitation to Study at MIT. Unfortunately he never got to go. His final Day in San Francisco was his first Night. The next 40 years Alonzo went about doing various things along the West Coast before being advised to come to Ohio and to "Not look like himself."

He arrived and settled in Columbus working on keeping his head down. He was asked to Joining a Taskforce after the Death of Hugo Valentine. But shortly after it's formation, the Taskforce was officially dissolve. Alonzo went into hiding for 3 months, before returning to to the Columbus Court. He was quickly put onto the Primogen Counsel where he now sits.

After Prince Kein stepped away from Prince of Columbus, Alonzo retained his seat as primogen through Prince Satine's reign.

Under Prince Mia Gunn he was moved to Keeper of Columbus where he served until his Final Night. Alonzo DeRicci met final death at the hands of lupine July 14th 2019. His ashes were not recovered from where ever the lupine took him.

Ashes were recovered by Ducky and set into a shrine built up by her in his honor.


Judicial Edict has banned Coteries in a general sense.


Astrid Halloway





Character Inspirations

A tumblr post about Italian Vampires and OoC knowledge. (Computers)



"Fortune Telling Fighting Cards."
"Why do we keep going if not for art?"


He is Ace.
He is having an affair with his ghoul, James.
He's a Setite.
Alonzo was a Caitiff.
Alonzo is just White Trash Toreador.
DeRicci is not his actual last name.
His Italian accent is entirely faked.
Alonzo has a secret love he found in at Sirens.
He is that secretive, and reclusive, but once you know him...
Alonzo was able to hack into/tap a Sabbat information network
He died fighting werewolves