Abdul Alhazred

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Clan Assamite
Position Sheriff
Status 5 + 1 + 1
Domain Campinas
Coterie None known
Society E Division
Path Humanity 000
Player Cesar Robortella



Alias(es): Abdul

Real Name: Abdul ALhazred

Apparent Age: Late 30's

Concept: The Jeweler

Physical description:

Abdul Alhazred is clearly a member of Arab ethnicity, has a dark skin, thick beard and very voluminous hair, with some expression lines common to people of simple origin and an apparently suffering past, he has a reasonable build, but he is not athletic, with his average height around 1.75 m, he wears a discreet outfit, but with cuts and traits that bring aspects of the Middle East culture, harmonized with a western pattern for social occasions with a predominant dark wine tone, and with simple openings that denounce several internal pockets. He wears large, dark glasses, as if he were apparently blind.

The biggest detail apparent with him is a thin and detailed ring that he carries in his right hand. A true work of art forged and crafted with the greatest talent and determination you can hardly find. The jewel is composed of an alloy of silver, precisely intertwined with a piece of gold, inlaid with a series of rubies, centered by an exquisite red diamond expertly carved and detailed with gold art that surrounds another small ruby.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Tegyrius at Dubai,

Feared by Dmitri de Castela at São Paulo,

Resilient by Allison Davis at Lehigh Valley

Diplomatic by Yasmine Mahsati at Rio Grande

Fabulous by Zach the Zack, the Jack Rocha Van Eyck at Brasília

Feared as Sheriff at Campinas

Insightful as Agent at E Division

Character Information

Known History

Abdul is a gifted jeweler who has practiced his craft since his mortal days, he is known to have come to America from the Middle East shortly after the Assamites entered the Camarilla. He served in the hunt for Sabbat and Infernalists in Brazil and the United States, spent time in Uruguay where he assisted the local Court in dealing with a Malfean, and is also a scholar and have a deep respect for art.




Farhad Sfahani (Deceased)

Salma bin Hassam bin Jamal al Bani Yas (Deceased)

Yasmine Mahsati

Shay Salerno,

Monique Charbonier,

Viktor Romanov

Dom Luis Santiago de Alcântara Matado


The Killers of Levi






Salma bin Hassam bin Jamal al Bani Yas

Character Inspirations

The Jinn from American Gods

Abdul Alhazred from Lovecraft


The Lotus Eater - Dead Can Dance

Rakim - Dead Can Dance

Warni Warni - Omar Souleyman

Gul'Abi - Acid Arab

Staifia - Acid Arab


"Do not say that the stars are dead just because the sky is cloudy."


- Abdul was a Sorcerer before the embrace

- Abdul was a Loyalist Assamite

- Abdul has powerful enemies walking around

- Abdul play the Jihad on behalf of someone older than himself

- Abdul once lived in Alamut

- Abdul is followed by Demons

- Abdul is an Oracle

- Abdul was a Diablerist

- Abdul is marked with Darkfate

- Abdul is Cursed by another creature