Paul Zimmerman

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Clan Tremere
Position Primogen
Status 6+1
Domain Paducah, KY
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Louis Stavrides



Apparent Age: Mid Twenties

Physical description: Paul appears to be a 5'10" man of vague European descent. He has recently taken to wearing a glowing motorcycle jacket.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Arich Dolen, Prince of Carrollton
Resourceful by Prince Charles McMillan, Atlanta
Steadfast by Douma Charoum, Primogen
Vigilant by Mitchell Ransom, Prince of Middle GA
Industrious by Thomas Allen, Prince of Phoenix
Influential by Primogen Riddle, Middle GA

Character Information

Known History

He was involved in a scandal in 2006 when he staked a kindred who he suspected was an infernalist in the middle of Gather. Later that evening the Keeper announced that the gather site was now an Elysium, and stripped Paul Zimmerman of status.

Paul Zimmerman has been in Georgia since 2003. He was part of the early Carrollton resistance and helped take back Atlanta. He served as the first Tremere Primogen of Atlanta and continued to hold the post until 2011.

Before his time, the Tremere had a spotty reputation in Georgia. Through his work and through the efforts of the other Tremere in the area, the Tremere once again became a respected clan in Georgia. Paul Zimmerman travels to other domains in Georgia and across the United States, going out of his way to fight the Rebellion and to aid the domains he visits. Paul Zimmerman is known to have a large influential empire which stretches across the nation. Even though he is Tremere, he has also been seen fighting physically against the Rebellion. Paul Zimmerman has a strange, distinctive, and rather disturbing fighting style which involves chains.

In 2011, Zimmerman moved to Kentucky and became Primogen there.


Eli Griffith


Ester Lyra


  • Sammy Davis Jr - The Candy Man Can
  • Madonna - Die another Day
  • Three Days Grace - I could be just like you
  • Matisyahu - King without a Crown


to Paul: "So... how do you fight exactly"
response: "Have you ever seen the movie Hellraiser?"

"Look, its not my fault random objects decide to tell me what's going on."

to Paul "You are to kill all of the Koldunists in Georgia."
response ".... and after that, do you want me to take a big stick and deal with all of the Rebellion in the US?"

to Paul "We still want you to be Primogen of Atlanta."
response "I have been living in another state for half a year now....",
to Paul "Yes, but we are so well represented."


  • Paul Zimmerman is a "crazy old wizard."
  • Paul Zimmerman is a superhero. Or possibly a supervillian.
  • An Archon once picked him up and proceeded to use his body to beat a werewolf to death. It might or might not have been Paul's idea. Paul might or might not have shape-shifted into a giant silver sword at the time.
  • Paul engineered his own embrace.
  • The Black Hand is after Paul.
  • Paul once killed an entire Sabbat pack with Dementation.
  • While mortal, Paul was cut in half by an Archbishop and lived.
  • Paul is a Ventrue infiltrating the Tremere.
  • He has a tendency to drop buildings on his enemies.
  • He is the fall guy for other more evil Tremere.
  • Is forming a coterie with Paul Walker called the League of Extraordinary Pauls.