Ester Lyra

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 6
Domain Cheyenne, WY
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Amanda K.


Ester Lyra, October 2010

Alias(es): 13 (as a ghoul)

Real Name: (as far as she knows) Ester Lyra

Apparent Age: 15ish, but closer to Natalie Portman circa ‘The Professional’

Concept: Shiny Ingénue

Physical description: Ester walks with a light and springy step, her head held high, bright brown eyes wide and darting from side to side. She moves as if she could fly away at any moment, but observes everything around her with intense, polite interest. She looks like a young teen, is a bit over 5ft tall, and has dark hair.
Ester’s head is covered with a small cap or headdress, she always wears a shawl or cape, and has archaic-looking jewelry piled on like she is playing sorceress princess occult dress-up.
A small brown mouse peeks his nose out from the small pouch attached to her waist.
Ester has a distinct aura of innocence about her ((merit: Sanctity)).

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Ester Lyra

- Was a ghoul in public society for 2 years
- After a 6 month accounting, Erasmus Acknowledged her in front of the Justicariate at the Conclave on Roosevelt Island
- Spent a great deal of time in Washington D.C., where she assisted Bodo in his duties as Scourge
- Lived for many years in Baltimore, where she served in various Deputy ‘X’ and Lesser ‘Y’ positions, and had two different terms as Harpy
- Currently living in Cheyenne, WY, and likes to bring souvenirs from her Domain to the Princes who grant her Hospitality



Surprisingly numerous; ask most people in the Midatlantic, members of Clan Tremere, random Camarillans, and even some Anarchs(!) what they think, and you’ll probably get a good review


Lupines, Sabbat, and evil monsters of the week


Joshua Swan


Beverly Wright (in Canada!)


Paul Zimmerman

Character Inspirations

Ester, scrolls, and Spike (near foot), as drawn by talented/bored gamer Joseph

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series)
Delight and Delirium (Sandman)
Manic pixie dream girls
Better Jews than me


“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, Paul Dukas
“Der Heyser Bulgar”, Klezmer Conservatory Band
“Simkhes Toyre Time”, The Klezmatics
“Reb Itzik's Nign”, Brave Old World
“The Egg and I”, Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts
“Car 24”, Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts
“Ray of Light”, Madonna


“She’s a toaster,” Rictor Barnes, on 13 the Ghoul at their first meeting
“Yeah, but she’s a cute little toaster,” Mason Laidlaw
“She is a cute little toaster,” Rictor

Ester pulls out a squirmy brown mouse from her hip pouch and holds him before you, “This is my ghoul, Spike. A Gangrel heard I was thinking about a pet mouse many years ago and caught him for me. I really named Spike ‘Matthew’, but then all these Nosferatu and Gangrel in different Domains kept telling me he wanted to be called ‘Spike’, so I decided that he was either a very social Mouse with Opinions, or that this was the greatest prank ever…. So I ghouled him and named him Spike.”

“Ester is a Cowgirl and the Queen of the Hobos and a Pirate Queen. Also other things.” Randall Scott, clanmate

“All knowledge is worth having.” Jacqueline Carey


- Ester is married to Rictor Barnes
- Ester is married to Sara Durward
- Ester is your Jewish Mother and makes a good brisket
- Ester once made the Princes of the Midatlantic read the Harry Potter books about 5 years ago
- Sheniver DuBois made Ester read Twilight
- Ester is much more powerful than she pretends to be, because she’s a Tremere who has been around for a really long time, and subsequently, Ester will kick your ass
- Ester collects shiny things
- Ester wants a monkey more than anything
- Randall Scott owes Ester one zombie, and she's cursed him with eternal Guilt until he delivers.