Jonathan Hammer

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Clan Tremere
Position Seneschal
Status 12 (6+3+3)
Domain Peoria, IL
Coterie ???
Society M.U.T.E.
Path Humanity ???
Player Eric G


<OOC: Known only if you have 3+ Underworld Influence used/usable in the Springfield, IL area> “The Accountant”

Real Name:

Apparent Age: A vigorous 50-60 years old.

Concept: The indispensable servant. The man for all seasons.

Physical description: Jonathan always dresses in very conservative English-tailored 3-piece suites. He is moderate height (5‘ 7”–ish) and slight (140 lbs). He has fairly short gray/white hair. Outside of almost certain European ancestry it is difficult to tell anything more specific about his heritage from his appearance.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged - Van Trapp, Prince of Vienna, Austria (01/11/2010)
Dependable - Verity Valerious [Brujah], former Prince of Springfield, Illinois (02/27/2010)
Knowledgable - Vito de Prio d'Amico Inguanez Drago [Lasombra], Prince of Peoria, IL (10/19/2018)
Loyal - Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt [Brujah], former Prince of Springfield, IL (06/09/2012)
Loyal - Vito de Prio d'Amico Inguanez Drago [Lasombra], Prince of Peoria, IL (02/03/2017)
Resourceful - Pagan [Assamite], Sovereign Prince of Milwaukee, WI (01/19/2019)
+ Cherished - Positional: Keeper of Seneschal of Peoria, IL
+ Esteemed - Positional: Keeper of Seneschal of Peoria, IL
+ Trusted - Positional: Keeper of Seneschal of Peoria, IL
+ Dedicates - Honorary: Member of M.U.T.E.
+ Dignified - Honorary: Dignitary of the Camarilla
+ Respected - Honorary: Prestigious Sire (Archon) Villiers

Character Information

Known History

Jonathan spent many years serving as a Tremere retainer. Some of this time was spent serving in Chicago in the mid to late 1990’s. Though his years as a Kindred are short his long term as a ghoul are reflected in his conservative behavior and attitudes which are more in line with those of an older Ancilla or even a young Elder.

Jonathan is known to be unfailing courteous in his dealings with everyone. He is a highly skilled linguist and an academician. He appears to be quite learned in all manner of esoteric subjects.

Jonathan has repeatedly demonstrated his willingness to work with anyone and everyone for the betterment of the Camarilla and the Domain. He even works well with independents and Anarchs.

Jonathan coordinated the auction and Blood and Ice 2019.

Society Membership: Joined M.U.T.E. 02/08/2019

History of offices held:
early 2011 Became Primogen under Prince Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt [Brujah]: Springfield, IL
01/28/2012 Became Seneschal under Prince Desomnd "Dizzy" Lockhardt [Brujah]: Springfield, IL
01/19/2013 Became Seneschal under Prince Ellenor Deers [Toreador]: Peoria, IL
06/07/2013 Continued as Seneschal under Prince Dr. Rupert Swain M.D. [Ventrue]: Peoria, IL
11/01/2013 With change in Prince of Peoria no longer the Seneschal, now (only) Primogen of Tremere under Prince Capricorn Augustus [Malkavian]: Peoria, IL
01/31/2014 With yet another change in the Prince of Peoria relinquished the position of Primogen to become Harpy under Prince Patrick Boyle [Brujah]: Peoria, IL
06/20/2014 With new office appointment (immediately below) stepped down as Harpy
06/20/2014 Became Seneschal under Prince Patrick Boyle [Brujah]: Peoria, IL
03/05/2015 Continued as Seneschal under Prince Leon Colfax [Brujah]: Peoria, IL
08/21/2015 Became Primogen under Prince Silas Tept [Tremere]: Peoria, IL
09/__/2015 Continued as Primogen under Prince Thomas Edward James [Ventrue]: Peoria, IL
__/__/2016 Continued as Primogen under Prince Gemini [Malkavian]: Peoria, IL
02/03/2016 Continued as Primogen under Prince Vito de Prio d'Amico Inguanez Drago [Lasombra]: Peoria, IL
__/__/2017 Became Keeper of Elysium under Prince Vito de Prio d'Amico Inguanez Drago [Lasombra]: Peoria, IL
05/03/2019 Became Seneschal under Prince Vito de Prio d'Amico Inguanez Drago [Lasombra]: Peoria, IL


None Known


The Camarilla

Clan Tremere - Any and All who are loyal to the Clan

Vito de Prio d'Amico Inguanez Drago - Lasombra - Prince of Peoria, IL
Tara - Gangrel - Sheriff - Peoria, IL
Jack the Gangrel - Gangrel - Scourge - Peoria; IL
Father Demetrius Cassus - Brujah - Harpy - Peoria, IL
Angel _____ - Toreador Primogen of Peoria, IL
Silas Tept - Tremere Primogen - Peoria, IL
James Michael Lowell - Tremere - Peoria, IL

Diesirea - Gangrel - Springfield, IL
Floyd Hendricks - Toreador - Springfield, IL
Johnny Perez - Brujah - Springfield, IL

Gary Kowaleski - Nosferatu of Milwaukee, WI
Alec D. Hatfield - Tremere of Chicago, IL
Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt - Bruja of Edwardsville, IL

Nick Night (aka Bulvi the Wartooth) - Gangrel Anarch, Sons of Odin
Sylvester Thompson (aka The Crimson Cloak, aka Sylvester Svidason, aka Slick) - Gangrel Anarch, Sons of Odin


None Known


Villiers, Archon to Tremere


None Known


None Known

Character Inspirations

Jonathan was originally intended to be the ultimate butler and servant for all contingencies. He was to be a cross between Beaker from the Phule's Company series by Robert Aspirin and Alfred from Batman. The character has grown and changed quite a bit since then (early 1997).

Courtesy, Propriety and Competency were to be his defining characteristics.



“I see it as a point of courtesy to introduce myself in the native tongue of the individual with whom I am speaking.” - Hammer

“Jonathan is better than Wikipedia” - multiple young Kindred

“How come I am the only one who has a problem with this?” - 15-year embraced Tremere to a 60-year embraced Tremere and Jonathan (while he was still a ghoul) after seeing a teenage girl snatched into an ally by parties unknown
--“Because you are the youngest sir.” - Hammer

“Mr. Hammer, do you still want to be embraced?” - Prince Verity Valerious
--“Yes mam. When ones elders feel that such is warranted.” - Hammer
“…and you still want to be a Tremere?” - Prince Verity Valerious
--“Yes mam. That would be my preference.” – Hammer

“Do you speak <fill in the blank> ?” – Any number of questioners.
--“Yes sir, of course.” – Hammer


  • Jonathan has been a Seneschal to at least six different Princes but has never gotten the top job.
  • Jonathan was a ghoul for several hundreds of years.
  • Jonathan knows every language on earth.
  • Prior to his embrace as a Tremere Jonathan was offered the embrace by several other clans in some cases by highly respected members. One of these offers came from Verity Valerious of Bruja (a descendant of Saul Good) who was at the time Prince of Springfield, IL where he was residing.
  • Jonathan was able to perform Thaumaturgy while still a ghoul.
  • Jonathan knows about things that make his elders nervous.