Warrick Armitage

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Clan Ventrue
Position Prince
Status 6+2+4
Domain Cincinnati, OH
Coterie None
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 00
Player Byron Martin


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Alias(es): None that are currently publicly known.

Real Name: Warrick P. Armitage

Apparent Age: Warrick appears to be somewhere in his late thirties or early forties.

Concept: A.D.A. turned Kindred fixer.

Physical description: Warrick Armitage stands over six feet tall, with dark brown hair speckled with grey, with the grey being far more prominent in his goatee. He is perhaps at best described as plain, however he does always seem to be completely human. Warrick has an almost unnerving piercing gaze especially when coupled the almost preternatural stillness of his features. He is generally seen wearing well tailored suits and has almost never been seen without a vest, from which usually dangles a pocket watch chain to set of the only other two pieces of visible jewelry, a ruby ring and a stainless steel ring with an inset iron cross pattern.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by word of Michaela former Prince of New York City (Deceased)

Admired by word of Prince Pagan

Dedicated by word of former Prince Nicholas Tept

Influential by word of former Primogen Anne Weymouth

Resourceful by word of former Prince Ian Halesbee

Well-Connected by word of former Primogen Dominic Lynch

Dignified as a Dignitary of the Camarilla

Respected as a Scion of the Camarilla

Exalted, Famous, Well-Known, Distinguished by virtue of being Prince of the Domain of Cincinnati

Character Information

Known History

Warrick was one of several groups of Childer embraced by Prince Michaela during her tenure as the Prince of New York City, only he had the misfortune to be among the last as he and his immediate broodmates were embraced shortly before the fall of the city. Having managed to flee the City before it's fall Warrik and his immediate broodmates disappeared for several years, later it was discovered that he at least had spent this time in Scotland appeasing certain detractors of Michaela's mass embrace of progeny before returning to the public view. Until he showed up in the Domain of Cincinnati in 2008. He followed shortly there after by Ambrose Milton and Malcolm Durrett. They were welcomed into the Domain by Prince Katherine Barnett and quickly helped turn the Domain into something of a Ventrue stronghold while changing the landscape of the city with sweeping reforms and legislation that cause the crime rate to drop, the city to grow and attract new business so that it is now a better place to live and have a family than ever before. Warrick quickly became a Primogen in the Domain continuing on in that position when Prince Barnett abdicated her position in favor of Ian Halesbee. Under Prince Halesbee, Warrick and his broodmates cemented their reputation for being able to manipulate vast Kine resources for the benefit of individual Kindred, Domains and the Ivory Tower which continues even now since Warrick assumed the position of Prince of the Domain in the fall of 2016.


None Known


Ambrose "Sonny" Milton

Malcolm Durrett

Calvin the Nos

Cameron McMichaels

Johnathon Whitaker (Deceased)

Spencer Halloway

Vincent Halifax

Ian Halesbee

Warren Theobald

Nycta Churchill


Alicia Knight

Alexander Keefe

Andrea McDermott

Ruth Stivaldi

Amber Cargill du Lac



Originally from Pennsylvania, she traveled to New York in 1929, and exploited the Great Depression to build a power base on Wall Street. Michaela managed to become Prince and stabilize the Domain but the nightly incursions by the Sabbat testing the defenses. She plead to the Camarilla to ensure she received carte blanche from the Ventrue Justicar to create progeny in defense of the city. It was not lost on Michaela's critics how closely this permission imitates the mass embrace tactics of the Sabbat. Just before the fall of the city Michaela agreed to a diplomatic conversation with the Sabbat where they cut off her head.


Cyril Armitage


Ambrose "Sonny" Milton

Malcolm Durrett

Character Inspirations


Lawyers, Guns and Money by Warren Zevon

War by Bruce Springsteen

Hang on Sloopy by The McCoys

Come on Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners

Spanish Harlem by Elvis

Wannabe by the Spice Girls

Angel Eyes by The Jeff Healey Band

That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd


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  • Has an extensive pillow collection.
  • Is dating a Toreador Prince (she wears the 'combat boots' in the relationship)