Ruth Stivaldi

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Clan Toreador
Position Prince
Status 4+4
Domain Springfield, IL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Nancy



Apparent Age: 19 or 20

Concept: Deaf Boho punk artist

Physical description: 5'5 Caucasian woman with hairstyles that ranges from dreadlocks to long red hair with anything in between. Her frame can be described as petite, but she makes up for it with attitude.

Detailed Status:
Loyal by Prince Jesse Kesch
Loyal by Prince Jesse Kesch a second time
Esteemed by Blain Miller Primogen of Chicago Illinois
Artistic by Prince Amber Cargill
Beloved by Prince Warrick Armitage
Prince Positional Status

Character Information

Known History

Arrived on the scene in Bloomington Illinois and lived a low profile life as a citizen until an opportunity arose, moving her to Springfield, to takeover as Seneschal for Jesse Kesch. After Jesse was brutally murdered at the hands of Jericho Fenix she maintained her position under the new Prince, Castella Brooks. After discovering her new Prince's controversial relationship with a member of the Rebellion, enough was enough, and she declared praxis in March of 2016.


Amber Cargill
Nerga The Unclean
Warrick Armitage
Quinn Lionsigh


Dr. Krul


Dexter Stivaldi(Deceased)




Amy Stivaldi(Deceased)
Aurora Stivaldi

Character Inspirations

Artists in the players personal life


Spirits by the Strumbellas


What the fuck guys?
Let's put a pin in that for now.

From Jennica Sparrow: "I like her book."


Maintains a homoerotic tension with the Toreador Primogen Seneschal of Atlanta.
Has an on again off again relationship with a Tzimisce.
Isn't really Deaf.
Probably a Malkavian posing as a deaf artist as a social experiment.
LOVES getting yelled at, especially in person.
Despite popular belief, not ALL deaf people are good dancers
Is a feminazi.
Is mutually bloodbound with Amber DuLac.
Is a political mastermind.
Gave a very impassioned and profanity infused speech against the Giovanni Promise at the 2017 northeast conclave.
Can only hold formal court when she is high
Thinks Warrick Armitage smells terrible.