Nathaniel Bryce

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Clan Ventrue
Position Prince
Status 4+4
Domain The Bahamas
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity ???
Player Dave N


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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Early Thirties

Concept: American Psycho without the Psycho part

Physical description: Bryce is a clean cut man who, since his move to the Bahamas, favors white linen suits. When at sea, he is considerably more casual than most people would expect a Ventrue to be.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Alshaya, 8/2018
  • August by Daniel Corcoran, 8/28/2019
  • Cherished by Prince Alshaya 8/2018
  • Well Connected by Prince Alshaya, 3/2019
  • Exalted as Prince
  • Famous as Prince
  • Well Known as Prince
  • Distinguished as Prince

Character Information

Known History

Bryce was embraced in Manhattan in 1987, by Erik Khristenko, a Ventrue tracing his lineage through Tiamat. Prior to his embrace, Bryce had no knowledge of the supernatural world: he went from Harvard Business School directly to Wall Street, where he quickly became a junior executive at a prominent firm. He was engaged to a sophisticated, upper class girl, and his future looked bright - until a Ventrue decided that he would be useful.

For almost three decades, Bryce remained under his Sire's accounting, serving and supporting Khristenko's needs and political ambitions at the same time as the fledgling learned about the Clan and the Camarilla. For the second time in his existence, his world was rocked by the unexpected when, in 2014, Bryce's sire was killed by enemies within the Clan.

He was adopted by Tara O'Brien, who saw him through the completion of his Agogue, but he did not become publicly active in the Camarilla until 2018 - perhaps out of fear of his sire's enemies. When the Domain of Cambridge, Massachusetts was established by Prince Alshaya, Bryce sailed a Yacht up the Charles one evening, conducted a few meetings with Harpy, Prince, and other Ventrue, and emerged Primogen of the Domain. Not long after, he was seen providing aid to the Camarilla during a battle in the Bahamas.

On Thursday, December 19th, 2019, he announced his claim of Praxis over the Bahamas, and that the former Prince, Jeffrey, had stepped aside and was supporting his claim. By the 27th, all other contenders had stepped aside, leaving Bryce's claim over the Bahamas uncontested, and so it has remained since. In August of 2020, the first real challenge to the stability of the Domain came in the form of a great disturbance in the world of the dead; with the aid of members of the Camarilla from near and far, Anarchs, Giovanni, and other independents, the islands stand firm.

In December of 2020, the Bahamas celebrated the first anniversary of his Praxis.




The Ventrue who murdered his Sire


Erik Khristenko




Character Inspirations

  • American Psycho
  • Wolf of Wall Street


  • Chris de Burgh
  • Genesis
  • Huey Lewis and the News
  • Peter Gabriel
  • Phil Collins


  • "What a fool you are. I'm a god, how can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. No recall or intervention can work in this place. Come, lay down your weapons, it is not too late for my mercy." - Prince Brice discussing his power in the Bahamas
  • "I see you have completed my little errand. Well done. Perhaps you've gotten a taste of madness as well? Do not believe madness to be a curse, mortal. For some it is the greatest of blessings. A bitter mercy perhaps, but mercy non the less. Give me the Fork of Horripilation, I believe I have something more suitable for your needs. Go now. Remember what you have seen." - Prince Bryce addressing his minion
  • "Why do I need a reason for everything? Mortals, mortals, mortals! Always needing a reason to do things. For example: people think light chases away the shadows! I prefer to think that without a few lights, there'd be no shadows to enjoy." - Prince Bryce


  • Bryce deliberately waited to emerge from hiding until the Ventrue who had murdered his sire were all dead
  • Bryce is locked in a heated romantic relationship with a local Malkavian
  • Bryce is incapable of using Dominate and actually commands respect through the soothing power of his natural voice
  • Bryce is constantly on the edge of killing every Ventrue around him in a fit of rage, but restrains this out of respect for His Radiance’s laws
  • Bryce has secretly blood bound Aloysius Grimm in exchange for an ancient debt owed between their clans
  • Bryce has absolute control over the seas as a god-king
  • Bryce is secretly a powerful Sadhu with the power to teleport and control the addictions of others with his potent Sadhana