Tara O'Brien

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Clan Ventrue
Position Consul
Status 6+1
Domain Hartford, CT
Coterie Astradhari
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Mel Flinter


Consul O'Brien, December 2016

Tara Rowlands
Tristan O'Brien
Real Name:
Tara O'Brien
Apparent Age:
approx. 26
Underworld Mob Boss
Woman stuck in a man's world

Fame 5: Arms dealer
Physical description:
Attractive Irish woman in her mid twenties.(Appearance 5) Auburn wavy hair she either wears down or in a ponytail depending on the occasion. Normally wears business skirt with a vest but no shirt under the vest. Always wears a peacock pin which symbolizes the Rowlands family she comes from

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Vivian Davenport, 2009
Resourceful by Prince Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna, 2012
Revered by Prince Fredrick Gold, 2014
Clever by Prince Calvin Butler, 2016
Fearless by Seneschal Kingston Lennox, 2016
Steadfast by Prince Calvin Butler, 2016
Diplomatic as Consul to the Sabbat, 2016

Character Information

Known History

Tara O'Brien, 2016

Tara was born around 1923. She had a twin brother, Tristan. Her mother, Leah lost her job during the Great Depression and couldn't find other work. Like most women did during that time she started selling herself on the streets. Tara's father fell in love with her anyway (ie Pretty Woman style) and took her in even though he didn't have much money either. He tried but Couldn't get Leah to quit her night job. When Tara and Tristan were 10 in about 1933 or 1934 their mother contracted Syphilis and they wondered if their father was really their father at all after they found out she was a prostitute. The government provided treatments which were sometimes worse than the disease itself but the government of course didn't tell anyone that. Tara and her brother watched their mother die slowly and painfully at home unable to do anything. Their father was killed for being an informant for the IRA by the government within the same year. Tara and Tristan were sent into foster care after their parents both died. They refused to be separated but not many family's could afford one child, let alone wanted 2 children, so most of the time they were on their own. Tristan left as soon as he could trying to make money to get them out on their own. He did odd job and started showing an interest in the IRA and what they stood for and believed in. He found his father's old paperwork hidden before they left their house and kept it, reading through it each night to learn what he could and finally started continuing what their father had done; getting information and selling it to the IRA.

Tara O'Brien, 2016

Tara tried to join but they don't allow women in it so she sat there waiting as Tristan went out more and more even though he knew how dangerous it was. As Tara got older she followed him to see what he did. She was about 14 or 15 when she had a few men take advantage of her when they saw her interest. They tricked her with promises to help her and she was ashamed how long it took her to realize they were playing her. When she tried walking away they grew upset and forced themselves on her. One of them was a friend of Tristan's, Patrick who asked her brother for permission to date her. They had dinner a few times all together. Patrick and Tristan were in the same unit in the IRA and knew how much Tara wanted to be in the organization. Tristan worked his way up the ranks so to speak doing odd jobs and more important business. He got into the gun smuggling side of business and got cockier as he got better. He went by himself on a deal that went bad. Tara followed him like she had done many times before and watched hidden. He was killed from afar by the people he had gone to deal with. She was able to get his body and drag it away before they saw it so they thought that they missed and he got away. The product was still there so they took it anyway.

Tara buried his body and assumed his identity which wasn't hard since they were identical. Slight differences, but nothing a hat and makeup couldn't mostly cover up. She slipped up a few times but was able to come back from it. She told Patrick what had happened hoping he would help her. He had started snapping more as they had continued their relationship, but Tara passed it off as him being stressed. He had hit her a few times but apologized and made it up to her. They hadn't slept together yet, as he knew what had happened to her in the past but when he found out about Tristan he started pushing her more and more about the subject, Finally he forced himself on her and said if she said anything he would out her for what she was doing. Tara had already been doing things in Tristan's name so she knew if he said anything she would be killed. He had her continue sleeping with him and doing other things and kept threatening to out her if she refused or said anything, She was too worried to say anything. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and orchestrated a deal for him. Masking as an interested party she arranged to meet him in the same area that her brother was killed at. As he arrived at the meeting place she stepped out from behind a tree so he could see her and shot him point blank in the head. She looked down at him as he died and swore she would never allow herself to be under the thumb of any man ever again.

Victoria Rowlands watched her for a while impressed at how she masqueraded and was able to accomplish so much and wind up on top. She had Connor O'Carthy embrace her around 1950 or so. Tara spent much of that time in the agouge just watching and waiting for her chance. She moved to Hartford and started her own branch of the IRA working with many who were already there. She still used her brothers identity just because their not wanting to work with women still stands. She realized she got further in her business being a man but meeting face to face she could tell them (as Tristan) they will be meeting with "his sister" and if they don't like that then no deal. She essentially "stole" her brothers customers and now more often than not she can do her gun dealings as herself




Gideon Kayd
Rosamund Elise Kingsley
Che Valiente
Ainsley Good
Angelize Velez
Sebastian Han
Fredrick Gold
Fury Peter Premysl
Ora Primrose
Kingston Lennox
Blackwood Lennox


Connor Collins-Ventrue Anti
Sir Henry Brackenbury
Sebastian Han
Nova Cassidy
Pretty much just ask her. She's very vocal about who she doesn't like


Connor O'Carthy



Molly Rowlands

Character Inspirations

  • Harley Quinn- Birds of Prey
  • Kingpin- Daredevil
  • Mariah Dillard- Luke Cage (Netflix version)



  • While unknowingly opening a package containing glitter: She jolts at the glitter "fuck! This shit is never going away.  Look like a damn stripper now"
  • If you have a back, Tara has a knife
  • "I'm so sorry that MY death inconvenienced YOU"


  • The most sexually promiscuous Camarillan in CT. Has slept with Fredrick Gold, Henry Brackenbury, Kingston Lennox, Dawood Marwan, Gideon Kayd, Edmund Dantes, Amelia Worthington, Nova Cassidy, Victoria Rowlands...just to name a few
  • Tara is actually the real sire of Blackwood Lennox and Kingston is standing in to avoid the scandal
  • Nova Cassidy holds a grudge against Tara for Kingston Lennox choosing Tara over her
  • Has slept with Sabbat member Nick Vicente
  • Tara is a member of the Sabbat infiltrating the Camarilla
  • Chase Ashford attempted to convert Tara to the Sabbat
  • Is still pulling glitter from the crack and crevices of her bar, from the boys night out of Henry Brackenbury and Julian St.John
  • Has a grudge with Prince Calvin Butler of Stamford,CT because she's secretly in love with him
  • Was in a serious long term relationship with Henry Brackenbury but broke up with him after he proposed to her
  • Incapable of being in a relationship with someone unless they carry a title
  • Tara is really an Irish Princess
  • Had a political rivalry while she was Prince of Westchester, NY with her Harpy Oz Stevenson and her Seneschal Julietta Sarantos
  • Is an Apostate.
  • Has no idea what to do in a high society situation.
  • Made money in the 1940's as a lounge singer
  • Is having a love tryst with a younger woman.
  • Recently left the directorate due to a report leaking sensitive information on the Daeva that was sent out by Andrea McDermott
  • She learned Vicissitude and Serpentis so that she can literally steal the hearts from her lovers and put them inside her.
  • Knows how to perform the Vaulderie from visiting the Sabbat as Hartford's Consul
  • She is the secret creator and head writer of the TV show "Midnight City" and is using the show as an outlet for her fantasies.
  • Dresses up like her dead mortal brother Tristan in the bedroom but then Dominates all her lovers to forget that part every time she sleeps with them.
  • Tara was the brains behind much of the politics in the Northeast; with her gone, there's bound to be ridiculous drama and scandal.
  • Has so many haters she MUST be doing something right.
  • Was killed by her best friend Frederick Gold after the death of her boyfriend Sariel Sefirot
  • Hated by Lilyan Townsend who got jealous that Sariel loved Tara more than her