Matty Evans

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Clan Gangrel
Position ???
Status 6+2+1
Domain ???
Coterie ???
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Path Honorable Accord 0000
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Real Name:

Apparent Age: Early 20's


Physical description: Average height and build. Hair ranging from long and shaggy to tight sides and spiked up top. Pallid skin and sunken features, showing no signs of attempts to disguise his inhumanity. In his earlier days after rising from a long Torpor he dressed like the average punk Gangrel in ripped jeans, biker leather jacket, bandana, and a spiked collar. Later, after achieving political clout, he transitioned through goth attire to a black suit, black shirt, and black tie.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Adrian Beveaux, Prince of Westchester, NY
Dedicated by Patrick Cross, Prince of Westchester, NY
Loyal by James Carnegie, Prince of Westchester, NY
Honorable by Lief Swann, Prince of Westchester, NY
Loyal by Dierdre Cassidy, Primogen of Indianapolis, IN
Noble by Ethan Frost, Prince of Albany, NY
Cherished and Esteemed as Seneschal of Hartford, CT
Reputation: Knight of the Camarilla (formerly: Sanctioned)

Character Information

Known History

Rose from Torpor in Upstate NY and found his way to Westchester.

Spent a couple of years in various assistant offices: Deputy Scourge, Deputy Sheriff, and Whip.

Left behind the remainder of his Humanity and adopted the Path of Honorable Accord.

Took part in the various early attempts to retake NYC from the Sabbat.

Moved to Albany after his Coterie disolved following the murder of Marc Feris.

Gained more political clout in Albany, serving as Sheriff and then Primogen.

After the Domain of Albany fell into near-anarchy following a Clan war between the Brujah and Ventrue which resulted in a major power-shift, moved to Indianapolis to assist Clanmates there.

Lead the assault on Gabriel Camaratta that lead to the Anathema's death. Disappeared soon after for almost a year.

Upon returning to the public eye, moved back to the Northeast and assisted in the renewed attempt to retake NYC from the Sabbat, this time as an operative of the Warlord Karsh.

Served as Seneschal under three consecutive Princes of Hartford.

Murdered in 2009.


Rumors of Matty's various alliances place him in a number of possible Coteries (see Rumors).


Kurran DeSylvia
Xavier Murdoch
Mordekai MacPhearson
Michael Heartsblood
Selene Lazarion
Clarisse DuCampe
Joe Evans
Alice Liddel-Evans
Richtor Barnes
Dean Famularo
Alann Michaels (Cross)
Sebau Amen Nocte
Wilson "Train" Coltrane
The Warlord Karsh


Sariel Sefirot
Faelan Stark (unless Matty was in the Sabbat, and their animosity was just a game)
The Ashfords


Deceased (NPC)


Joe Evans
Alice Liddel-Evans


Misha McHale

Character Inspirations


Anything by Nirvana


"I thought Svidi was going to kill me when I showed him that I had Fenrir's Talons, but he told me that, quote: 'The blood of heroes runs through your veins. We will be victorious tonight!'" -just before they killed Gabriel Camaratta.

"Richtor, the whole Storm Trooper thing wasn't necessary. If I'd known it was you I would have just told you that Kurran was in the cabin instead of pretending I didn't know where he was."


He was an Apostate of Set.

He was a member of the Sabbat.

He was in a "pack" with Xavier Murdoch, Michael Heartsblood, and Selene Lazarion.

Honorable Accord was a ruse to disguise being on a different, less Camarilla-friendly Path.

He possessed high levels of Vicissitude.

The body destroyed by Sariel Sefirot was a body double made with Vicissitude.

He was an Alastor serving the Warlord Karsh directly.

He was a rampant Diablerist, but would only eat the souls of Anarchs.

He was actually much older than he claimed, and he might have been an Einherjar.

He was allies with the Anathema Jack the Barber.

He sold out Sariel Sefirot to the Sabbat, which was how Sariel was captured and subsequently took his revenge on Matty.

He was a member of several national coteries, including the Colors, the Ring, the DMH, and several un-named cross-Sect groups.

He was not actually a Gangrel, since his animal forms were wolf and bat, and everyone knows that no real Gangrel is a wolf and a bat.

He is not dead but is hiding among the Lazarions, just like a bunch of other powerful Camarillans rumored to be dead.