Giles Brydges-Pindling

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Clan Toreador
Position Harpy
Status 4+2
Domain Bahamas
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player J. T. Nielsen


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Character Information

Known History

His mortal life as a child prodigy sculptor in the islands of the Bahamas was cut short while on a boat out at sea. A freak fire started on board the vessel; heavily decorated in well-polished copper as the ship went down in flames, Giles escaping on a lifeboat with a small number of other passengers from the luxury liner as he would be taken under the wing of the prominent Dame Matilda Pindling; a known patron of the arts upon the islands.

With Dame Matilda helping him further his talents as he grew up into his early 30s; it would be in the year 1820 that he would be embraced; and many centuries until his face would be commonly seen within Camarilla social circles.

Upon completion of his first masterpiece, Dame Matilda as Primogen would see Giles as Adored.

In February of 2018 he would start commonly making appearances upon Elysium and in September of that year would take the Primogenship as his sire was recruited upon the praxis of Prince Jeffrey for a special project. He's use much of this time to begin taking commissions for various works by various individuals between the islands and domains of the United States.

Upon the death of Angel in May of the following year, the Harpy of the domain at the hands of Demonic agents; Giles was selected by the Primogen Council to become Harpy of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas - a position he still holds to these nights.

For efforts taken in defending the domain against an infernal threat, he was seen as Bold by Prince Jeffrey.

Giles oversaw the bloodless praxis at the end of 2019 as Jeffrey abdicated to Nathaniel Bryce; remaining in his post as Harpy to oversee those who loaned standing to the claimants of the throne.





Dame Matilda Pindling (Bahamas NPC, met final death in 2019)




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