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<!--- This Section Creates the Black Box. --->
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|Domain=Parahyba, Brazil
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|p=[mailto:lord.luxuria@yahoo.com Priore]
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'''Alias(es):<br> ‘’’Dhany, Lord Lamare, Lord Luxúria.
'''Real Name: ‘’’Dhanyel Villet-Deroit de Lamare
'''Apparent Age: ''' 40 / 30 (with makeup)
'''Concept:''' Performer Hedonist
'''Physical description:'''
Dhany is always different. He enjoys playing with androgyny and aspects of his sexuality, creating a bridge between male and female full-time. It is about 1.75 meters and 90 kilos. Shaved head almost always and long beard. He wears extravagant or extremely expensive clothes, whether male or female. She wears makeup frequently and flashy sunglasses, has a collection of hundreds. He usually speaks loudly and sarcastically, although he knows how to differentiate where he needs to be serious, polite and professional.
'''Detailed Status: <br>'''<br>
''OOC: For the use of the ability Politics
<li>'''Acknowledged''' by Marquis Villeneuve, Marseille, France.
<li>'''Loyal''' by Prince Marquis Villeneuve, Marseille France for their significant participation in the destruction of Sabbath on South Française.
<li>'''Cherished''' by Primogen Danielle de Lamare for caregiver The famíly on decay Wars.
<li>'''Influent''' by Elder Valerie de Lamare for charge all aliances and contacts on Protection The Masquerade.
<h2>Toreador Only</h2>
*Clan Prestige x4
*School of Drama (Theater)
<h2>Character Information</h2>
==Known History==
Dhanyel was more shy when he was younger. Raised in the glamorous and prestigious Lamare family. It is Sophie's offspring, an absent star. He developed his greatest performances at the school in Marseille and came to Brazil in the mid-90s. He is one of the dear and favorite of Lady Valerie de Lamare and a regular at the São Paulo Marble Palace. It was present in the prominence of the Toreador family in the Southeast Region. He was a pupil of the Famous Angelus, where he learned the Palatial Culture and Harpy art, figuring as Harpy Minor in the early 2000s.
It was Whip, Primogen and Steward.
He returned to France in the early 2010s, accompanying Danielle de Lamare on his departure for Europe. Although he did not stay so long in Brazil, he often visited the Toreador of São Paulo and its surroundings.
His return came in a dark way in the middle of 2018, where he assumed the position of Keeper of Elysium for a very short time, where a social war broke out between him and the current Prince, Will Sommers, known as Tibúrcio. He still figured as Primogen and Whip a while before leaving for Parahyba due to a lack of rapport with the Prince and avoiding further constraints.
He arrived at Parahyba in 2021.
'''(Only Toreador)'''
He participated in the Toreador Guild, in the mid-90s and 2000. He became a local Guild Master, but after his departure for Europe, the Brazilian structure was modified. Although there is a time gap, its position is uncertain at the present time.
<li>[[Valerie de Lamare]], Elder Toreador, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
<li>[[Rinaldi]], Elder Nosferatu, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
<li>[[Ângelus]], Elder Toreador, São Paulo, SP, Brazil; Destroyed.
<li>[[Danielle de Lamare]], Toreador, São Paulo, SP, Brazil; Destroyed.
<li>[[Marduk Armorieri]], Harpy Tremere of São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
<li>[[Alex J.]], Primogen Toreador of São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
<li>[[Don Raul]], Dux Bellorum Brujah of São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
Prince Will Sommers, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
<li>[[Lady Sophie de Lamare]], Elder Toreador, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
Lavignea de Lamare.
Mégane de Lamare
==Character Inspirations==
<li>Sir Elton John.
<li>Niccolo Machiavelli.
<li>Lady Elisabeth Bathory.
<li>Madame Lalaurie.
<li>Ney Matogrosso.
<li>''"Come with me! Tell me about your Desire?"''

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