Alexander Fleming

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Clan Tremere
Position N/A
Status Accountee
Domain Tampa, FL
Coterie N/A
Society N/A
Path Humanity 0000
Player J. T. Nielsen


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Real Name: Presumably, Alexander Fleming

Apparent Age: 50

Concept: Scientist who learned too much for his own good.

Physical description:

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Served Clan Tremere regionally as a ghoul for 10 years.

Known History

  • Appeared in the Tampa and Lakeland area in 2012 in service to Dametrie Salazhar.
  • After Salazhar's final death, was kept outside of Camarilla gatherings for concerns of safety.
  • Has worked with many members of other clans, especially in the Sweetwater area; due to a lack of Clan Tremere in the area and served as a liason to Leroy Isaacs.
  • Pronounced dead near Tampa General Hospital May 26, 2018.
  • Embraced July 31, 2021.




Union Jack


Killian Isaacs



Character Inspirations

Dr. Gregory Forbes
William Morris Davis
William Ferrel
Dr. William Gray
Dr. Steve Lyons



  • "Let me ask the boss as that's a bit above my pay-grade."
  • "It's your funeral." -To Another Ghoul Upon A Claim of Praxis


  • Was been poached from Clan Tremere, and reclaimed.
  • Was actually Leroy Isaac's ghoul suit.
  • Is actually a doppleganger - he actually died and this former ghoul is someone else.