Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna

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Clan Brujah
Position Prince
Status 5+3
Domain Hartford, CT
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 0
Player Jenn B


Prince Anya at Hartford, CT January 2011

Alias(es): Anya

Real Name: Unknown, though her kindred name Pyotrevna is taken from her sire as 'daughter of Pyotr'

Apparent Age: Late 30's.

Concept: a passionate Brujah idealist: a scholar, a leader, and a warrior.

Physical description:

Anya is plain, friendly, seems to have a natural leadership to her presence, and overall seems like a genuinely good person on first impression. Her voice seems to reflect someone who is well-spoken and is a skilled rant orator. [OOC: Friendly Face, Natural Leader, Sanctity, Enchanting Voice.]

She is of average height with medium-long blonde hair with streaks of red throughout the blonde, often put back into a single plain braid or in a series of corn-row style braids. She has been known to dress up when the occasion calls for it, but she is usually wearing a pair of plain jeans or cargo pants, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket. When around mortals, she seems to fade into the crowd, blending into their ways and looks so well she is indistinguishable.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Michaela, Clan Ventrue
  • Dedicated
  • Honorable
  • Cherished
  • Adored
  • Scholar
  • Well-Known as Prince of Hartford, CT
  • Famous as Prince of Hartford, CT
  • Exalted as Prince of Hartford, CT

Formerly Prince of Dayton, OH 6/15/2009 - 8/1/2010. (13.5 months)
Formerly Prince of Hartford, CT 6/25/2010 - 1/28/2011. (7 months)
Prince again of Hartford, CT 3/25/2011 - present (10+ months)

Character Information


All Brujah have a passion that drives them, and those with passion and leadership are driven to the soapbox in the spotlight. Anya is known to be a highly passionate Brujah idealist - someone who has a firm sense of principles and a code of honor that is rarely flexible.

She believes firmly in the integrity of the office of Prince, and the need for strong leadership against the ever-encroaching trend of other Princes to whine to Archons to solve their city's problems.

She has been known in recent nights as a historian of her Clan, and has a great deal of pride in the "Tribe of the Scholars" and an interest in ancient Carthage.

Known History

Prince Anya at Midwinter 2011

Background History
Little is known of Anya's history, though she was a ghoul to her Sire for a very long time. It is known she lived in Russian during the Imperial reign. It is also known she was in Boston at the turn of last century and attended Wellesley College in the early 1900's.

Anya was originally a senior curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, tending to her regnant's influence over high society. There she stayed on staff for nearly two decades until her lack of aging became an issue. She helped pick and train her replacement - an anthropologist named Mikhail "Misha" Petrovich - and she was embraced by Pyotr Marikovich. By the time Pyotr embraced Mikhail, NYC had become unstable and they had to flee. Pyotr finished Misha's accounting in Russia, and Anya stayed behind in North America.

The Cincinnati and early Dayton years
Anya first came to Cincinnati in 1999 with her life-long ally, the Assamite Gaio, and a Gangrel Thomas. She had just gotten over the death of a close friend, and that had caused her to recede from public life for some time. She set up shop there, made friends with the local Malkavians and Assamites, and eventually became the Primogen to the Malkavian Prince. Anya then spent many years as a Primogen, both in Cincinnati and in Dayton, carefully tending to the Clan as she could but staying out of the fray.

When she was asked to be Harpy of Dayton, she then took the duty to a new zeal, defending Prince Mandy LeCroix in a fray between Princes that spilled over on a national level, and brought a strong sense of propriety to the economy of the Sect of status and prestation. Yet, when another came along for the duty, Anya quietly faded back again to be able to handle the grief she was facing for the loss of her dear Brujah friends, Obsidious and Angus MacGreggor. She became a recluse for some time out of grief.

She returned to politics, having buried her Brujah brothers in the castle property owned by Angus, to find another Brujah running Dayton: Gabriel Frost. Gabriel had joined the Dead Man's Hand and had Shade and Maddox X and others showing up, which caused the rest of the decent Kindred around to flee. The Domain was down to 4-5 Kindred. Gabriel was finally called into Justicar Jaroslav Pascek's Office and executed for a plot attempting to kill Archons Jacob Black and Kurran DeSylvia using an alliance with the Tzimisce called Loki.


The Prince of New Carthage
Anya seized Praxis in June 2009, vowing to pick the city back up from its embers and make it worthy of being called a Domain again. The Domain of Dayton under Prince Anya was mostly Brujah and Assamites, which the Brujah that flocked to the city from nearby Domains dubbed it 'New Carthage.' It took an incredibly long time for other Clans to repopulate the city. The Brujah were nearly half the Domain with Brighton Hughes, Mikhail "Misha" Petrovich, Darius Morphet, Pyotr Marikovich, Johnny Creed, Viktor von Steinwitz, Dash Kerrington, Maxwell "Ace" Erikkson, and about a half a dozen others. Eventually a coterie from the East Coast came in with a bunch of Tremere including Elias Beecher, William Schultz, and Randall Scott, and the city thrived again as a Domain of many Camarilla clans. Anya began hosting regular courts, contests of humanitas, and tournaments for her city. Her brother Misha worked diligently as her Harpy, gathering much-needed boons to make the city run... the two childer of Pyotr made an efficient pair indeed.

It was then that tragedy struck for Anya... she was attacked and kidnapped by the Tzimisce Victor Agbe and Loki in January 2010. After many months, Elias Beecher was able to rescue her, and Anya immediately turned herself over to Justicar Maris Streck.

The Hartford, Connecticut early years
After several months under the care of the Justicariate, a Brujah named Galina from the East Coast requested Anya's aide in the city of Hartford, CT. Anya came to the city, and found it in a tailspin of unstable Praxis Seizures as the nearby Worchester, MA had just been completely crushed and taken by the Sabbat. To end the cycle, in June 2010 Anya stood up and took Praxis of the Domain in turmoil, only to find the was now stuck in a very insular sandbox of Camarilllians... mostly populated by Ventrue.

Anya with the Brujah Belt at Midwinter 2012 after the Moloch fight.

In January 2011, in the wake of a scandal where the Ventrue and Tremere were caught in a conspiracy to take Anya's Praxis, Anya called a court to execute the conspirator Upton Rowlands and was soul-stolen by Tremere elder John Reiss in the middle of court. Reiss then claimed Praxis, and Anya was exiled. Then shortly after, a Brujah elder by the name of Roman Pendragon took Praxis and held it.

A Year of Fire
In March 2011, in the heat of a passionate argument between Pendragon and Anya about Pendragon's corrupt rule of his Domain, Anya contested his Praxis. A fight ensued, and Roman Pendragon fled the Domain and left it uncontested. Anya walked back into the main gathering to claim the Praxis, which was held another 30 minutes before a different Brujah elder, Toby Ashford, contested her Praxis. Toby and Anya went and talked matters of their views of the Camarilla over in a private rant, decided they agreed, and so he withdrew his Praxis, and Anya then held the Domain uncontested.

In April 2011, however, the ancient Cartheginian methuselahs that awoke came to Hartford, and awoke the Whore of Babylon, an ancient vampire named Aralu who was THE high priestess of ancient Carthage. She began crafting a temple to herself and the Cartheginian way in the middle of downtown Hartford. In November 2011, the Whore was defeated by Anya (dressed as Buffy the Vampire slayer) and the city's citizens as well as nearby cities, Sabbat aid via the Convention of Fire, and visiting Archons and Assamites. The city has since settled back into its routine calm.

In January 2012, an ancient Cartheginian threat known as Moloch was discovered to be amidst diabolical plans to end the world. It is rumored that Anya was overtaken and possessed by an ancient Brujah that was somehow a ghost tied to the ancient Cartheginian sword she carries. This ancient Brujah sided with its modern Clan to help remove the threat of Moloch, and in doing so eventually dissipated from Anya's form, leaving her once again whole.


  • The Camarilla.
  • Anya seems to be very close to a group of her allies in Hartford, though who knows if it is a formal coterie or just a group of her friends.
  • She also seems to have a close friendship and working relationship with many in Clan Brujah, most of which end up as political leaders or prominent historians.


Prince Tommy Truelove and Prince Anya, Midwinter 2012. (Photo by Meredith Gerber!)




Anya and the Brujah Boys of Ohio: Angus MacGreggor and Mr. Ego at Conclave 2006.

Victoria Rowlands and Tatiyana "Anya" Pyotrevna, Hartford, CT, January 2011


  • Ziata Vidduchi, former Brujah Primogen of Columbus, Ohio
  • Upton Rowlands, Ventrue elder of Hartford
  • John Reiss, Tremere elder of Hartford
  • Victoria Rowlands, formerly known as Vivian Davenport, former Prince of Hartford


  • Pyotr Marikovich, elder Brujah idealist


  • RJ Stone, Brujah Primogen of Hartford (adopted)



Caia Wickham of Clan Tremere (left) & Prince Anya of Clan Brujah (right)

On Brujah:

  • "While the blessed nature of our vitae draws forth passion from within and starkly highlights our warrior spirits, it would be unfair to say that the warrior is all that we are. Simply, we are passion." ~ Anya
  • "On the function of Brujah factions, my take: Iconoclasts are there to actively challenge ideas and bring solutions out through said challenge. Idealists are those that feel their ideas are already superior so they have no need to challenge them, but rather, convince you of why they are right." ~ Anya
  • "OH MY GOD READ A BOOK." ~ Anya
  • "Our blood is not a club one can just join. Our blood is a noble privilege, and it is an honorable High Clan. Those who embrace childer that cannot comprehend the concept of warrior-scholar are beyond my control, but I lament those who waste our blood on unworthy progeny. I will hear nothing to the contrary that will sway my opinion that our blood isn't the price of entry. We should be more careful about those we embrace, and teach those we make." ~ Anya

On the Camarilla:

  • "I can't endorse continuing to do the same shit that is what is wrong with the Camarilla. The Anarch Revolt happened for a reason, and fires burned and elders were diablerized all over Europe due to this. I have to know that we hit our breaking point and have moved forward. We can't get rid of all of the fucking corruption and tyranny, but it doesn't mean we have to throw the baby out with the bath water. It's gotta get better and it only gets better if you continue to encourage people to use the system how it ought to be used, not for their own personal gain. I'll keep fighting that fight from within, thank you very much." ~ Anya
  • "To say that a system is not corrupt because its implementation is absolutely corrupt is leaving an idea in a vacuum that cannot exist in reality. Let's not split too many hairs here: vampires suck the life blood of other living things to exist. Such beings are inherently corrupt, especially those that make no efforts otherwise. The baseline of Kindred existence is such that any system of social governance is, without a doubt, susceptible to corruption by those that would exist within it." ~ Anya

On the Accounting:

  • "And I always offer to teach those who have felt they have had an insufficient Accounting. Because we are an educated Clan, and ought always be such. But I won't force those who do not want to learn. I won't force the ignorant to not be so. It is their freedom to be stupid." ~ Anya

On the Status system:

  • "It may be frustrating to those who dislike dealing with it, or see corruption beyond repair, but only to those who lack the ability to play in that sandbox efficiently. I assure you that the economy of the Camarilla and its ability to react humanely and without violence for every minor infraction makes us a better-managed society than we would be without it." ~ Anya

Random quotes:

  • "If you'll hold up while I get popcorn, I'd love for you to say that to her face. This is the woman who took her praxis back from fucking Pendragon, after restraining a frenzying elder with nothing but her goddamned bare arms. Oh. She also recently walked into a clusterfuck of 100 Sabbat. And then she walked back out after they apologized for the inconvenience. I'm just saying? My prince is adorable, and could kick your ass.- Bree"
  • "Wrong bat, ding-bats!" - Anya
  • "Get these mother fucking Brujah off my mother fucking plane!" - Al X, impersonating Samuel Jackson, when the Brujah kept frenzying on a plane in the air.


The women of Clan Brujah with 'the Belts' at Midwinter Ball 2011. From left to right, Theadora Carlisle, Katja Nothing-Llyandryn, and Anya Pyotrevna.
  • Anya was possessed by the ghost of an ancient vampire that rose from Carthage. (To repeat the rumor of who that ancient ghost may be is heresy however...)
  • Anya feels very strongly about the Tradition of Accounting, and will often teach any Brujah that asks.
  • Anya is really an Anarch.
  • Anya hates Paul Walker but makes appearances for the sake of working together.
  • Paul Walker and Anya are lovers.
  • Anya is a dear friend of Elias Beecher and swears to all that he is not infernal.
  • She is a Brujah idealist, and comes from a brood of Brujah idealists.
  • Anya is very politically connected nationally, and is one of the political Camarillian leaders of Clan Brujah. She keeps connected to a close circle of other politically-minded Brujah to further the Clan's agenda.
  • Anya led a contingency of Brujah Princes, followed by a horde of Brujah, to take personal audience with Justicar Cock Robin to spare Paul Walker from death in the wake of Tasha X's death and the backlash against the DMH. As a result, Paul left the DMH publicly that night.
  • Anya is incredibly protective of her family, and tends to fight her little brother's fights when she shouldn't.
  • Despite the fact that the Justicariate cleared her, some are still concerned that Anya still retains some residual damage from the Tzimisce Loki that captured her.
  • The first Prince Anya served in Cincinnati was an infernalist Malkavian.
  • Anya likes the Malkavians, and has a special affection to Maris Streck.
  • Anya hates all Tremere and will only view them as individuals.
  • Anya really likes the Assamites and respects the Laws of Haqim.
  • Anya has a close relationship to the famous Brujah elder, Jordanus of Gaul.
  • Anya once resigned as a Primogen to Michael Heartsblood because she did not feel that she was, at the time, capable of fulfilling her duties to her high standards... this was in the period of grief following the death of Obsidious.
  • Anya may have once tried to embrace a child, but lost her.
  • Anya is the darling of her sire's heart, but her brother Mikhail "Misha" Petrovich seems to have taken the blunt of their sire's anger. Misha remains terribly jealous of Anya's success.
  • Anya runs a book club that meets via the Astral Plane to discuss said books.
  • While Prince of Dayton, Anya publicly fought Justicar Jaroslav Pascek in the light of the Camarilla over a status issue.
  • Anya invited Ventrue Benjamin Miller to come to her Domain in Dayton so that she could pick up the fight of an Archon overstepping her bounds with Ventrue Archon Lady Elizabeth of York.
  • Anya pleaded to Justicar Jaroslav Pascek's offices for Gabriel Frost's ashes so that she could bury him, but they refused to give them to her. She remains angry to this day at the Brujah Justicar's offices over the incident. Shade released the ashes of Gabriel's heart to Anya, which she buried.
  • While Prince of Hartford, Anya kicked Archon Hugo Valentine out of her Domain. This seems to have been related to both a past rivalry and Anya's intense dislike of the perceived power of Archons versus Princes.
  • Enjoys a petty rivalry with Donovan Lewis. No one is sure what started it, but everyone noticed she had no escort for the Midwinter Gala.
  • Anya only signed the Rinaldi Doctrine because Kate Davidson was able to convince her to do so, but after re-taking her third Praxis, Anya has declined the Rinaldi Doctrine.
  • Anya frequently pisses off the various iconoclast members of her Clan.
  • Anya is paranoid that the Ventrue are planning to seize her city.
  • Anya is only Prince for the prestige and cares nothing about Hartford or the kindred therein.
  • Anya threw "the sword" into the middle of the Atlantic off a trans-Atlantic cruise ship.

Photo by Meredith Gerber


  • "Space and Time" - VNV Nation - (Carthage Song)
  • "Tomorrow Never Comes - VNV Nation - (Year of Fire song)
  • "Carry on my Wayward Son" - Kansas - (Year of Fire song)
  • "Goodbye to You" - Michelle Branch - (Buffy Season 7 song)
  • "Lucky" - Bif Naked
  • "Sophia" - Cruxshadows
  • "Livin on a Prayer" - Bon Jovi
  • "In the End" - Linkin Park
  • "My December" - Link Park
  • "Mad World" - Michael Andrews
  • "Dust Bowl Dance" - Mumford and Sons - (John Steinbeck song :P)
  • "Mercy Street" - Peter Gabriel
  • "Possession" - Sarah McLachlan
  • "Hallelujah"
  • "Joy" - VNV Nation
  • "Here Without You" - 3 Doors Down
  • "Life of my Own" - 3 Doors Down