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Clan Brujah
Position Archon
Domain ???
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Player Name


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Alias(es): None he would admit to.

Real Name: Rory O'Shea

Apparent Age: 19

Concept: Idealistic Revolutionary

Physical description: Vilius is a short and wiry young man of Gaelic descent. His hair is kept trimmed extremely short to aid in disguising himself.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Rory O'Shea was embraced in December of 1899 in Belfast. He was a member of the IRA and a member of the anarch movement until 1990. While a member of the movement he undertook certain Anti Camarilla activities that made him a probationary sect member upon his entry to the Camarilla. Rory then served in every city position save for Prince while still a probationary sect member allowing his service and performance to speak for him. While in Chicago to help against several notorious Sabbat members, Rory stayed to fight even after the more powerful Kindred had withdrawn. In return for his service, Rory was raised from probationary member to full member of the Camarilla. Rory then returned to his city and continued a long term of service. He went missing for several years and returned more driven and politically aggressive than before his departure. He was Seneschal weeks after his return and Prince within 6 months. He has held the Praxis of a domain twice. Both times he held it when no one was around to protect the city and he surrendered it when someone capable showed interest. Eventually he entered into the service of His Arbiter Eleganciae as a soldier in the siege upon San Diego. After several years of service to his Arbiter, Rory O'Shea became Vilius, Archon to Clan Toreador.




Aetius and anyone in the good graces of his employer.


Those short lived beings no longer in the good graces of his Justicar.


Donnel Corrigan


Darby Okillian (Deceased), Da5id Amarantha (Deceased), Duncan (Deceased), Vachon, Dieter


Stoli Dolvitch

Character Inspirations

My Irish background. Far too much punk music.



OK you pile of lack wits. the sixth tradition says I cannae kill ye fer running this city through the sewer. But you'd be amazed how far I can go without breaking the sixth tradition.

  • And yet another IRA Brujah....


Rory has been accused of alot over the years. From membership in multiple shadow coteries, to various accusations about his loyalties.
Himself a diablerist, he forced others to diablerize as well.