Blackwood Lennox

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 3
Domain Hartford, CT
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player []


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Phil, "Kid", Lennox

Real Name: Phillip Louis Deacon

Apparent Age: 21

Concept: Evil Aristocrat/ NYC trust fund kid

Physical description: Extremely pale skin, black hair and rose red lips. Blackwood breaths regularly, blinks, and has all the mannerisms of a normal human

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged (Sovereign Prince Gold) 1
  • Dedicated (Primogen Kingston Lennox) 1
  • Loyal (Primogen James Thornhill) 1

Character Information

Known History

Blackwood sort of ... just arrived in Hartford with his sire Kingston. He was immediately made his sire's Whip to speak with his voice among the Primogen, and to maintain the clan's voice while his sire attended to business on behalf of the domain. Oddly, Blackwood is frequently seen in the company of Graziella Giovanni and other necromancers.


Tara Obrien

Amelia Vadeboncoeur

Eliza Rutherford

Graziella Giovanni

Kingston Lennox

Javier Guaro


Random Nosferatu shovelheads

Fabiano Giovanni

William Alexandros, Anarch Baron


Kingston Lennox




A rumored half Toreador sister locked in a tower

Character Inspirations

Patrician Ventrue, Harkonnens!, Ambrose Jakis, Bayaz from the First Law Trilogy




Blackwood is actually a Roman lost in time

He speaks fluent Italian

Blackwood is beaten savagely by every woman he is with

He worships Set, and everyone knows it

Blackwood is blood bound to his sire, and Kingston uses him as a pawn in his political games

He's actually devoutly religious, and is a practicing Catholic

Blackwood exclusively feeds from virgins

He runs a escort service out of a casino that deals with ... exotic tastes

Blackwood is actually Kingston's sire that he overpowered and enslaved

He is obsessed with investigating the murder of Elly Yuen

Blackwood's real sire is Tara O'Brien the most dangerous woman in the northeast

Has increasingly public sex with women he is in relationships with.