Mullah Yussef Muhammad Al-Fayyed

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Prince
Status 1+3
Domain Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Estevam Barros




"The Mullah", "The Infamous Prince"

Real Name:

  • Yussef Muhammad Al-Fayyed, in arabic: يوسف الملا محمد الفايد

Apparent Age:

  • late 30s


  • Religious scholar

Physical description:

  • Really Very Fat, with dark-red scales and Troll/Goblin face. Always use muslim costumes.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledge by Lucas Belfort de Corazón, Prince of Rio de Janeiro
  • Exalted, Famous and Well-Know by position

Notoriety: Infamous

Character Information

Known History


- Prince of Rio de Janeiro

- former Primogen of Rio de Janeiro

- former Prince of Nova Friburgo

- former Primogen of Nova Friburgo

- former Keeper of Elysium of Niterói

- former Harpy of Rio de Janeiro

- former Keeper of Elysium of Rio de Janeiro

- former Sheriff of Rio de Janeiro



  • Dijian, Scourge of Rio de Janeiro
  • KD, Prince of Campinas
  • Betão, Primogen of Rio de Janeiro


  • Toreador Clan
  • All others are killed


  • Caine
    • Zillah
      • Absimiliard
        • Baba-Yaga
          • Archangellus
            • Samuel
              • Jean-Pierre Degar
                • Yussef Muhammad Al-Fayyed



- Zé Bonitinho

- Brâhmane

- Prince Ken

- Cem Dedos


- Demônio que Caminha aka "Walking Demon"

- Hadija El-Jaick

Character Inspirations

- Doctor Doom [[1]]

- Jabba, the Hutt, from "Star Wars" [[2]]

- General Griveous, from "Star Wars" [[3]]

- Sasha Baron Cohen in "The Dictador"

- The King of Jerusalem, in "Reign of Heaven"


Daler Mehndi - "Tunak Tunak Tun" [[4]]

Dissidenten - "Fata Morgana"

Blind Guardian - "Precious Jerusalem"



To others:

"I'm tired of winning favors from members of Curitiba who insist on trying to blacken my integrity." to Gabriel Geraldo Santos Dammski, former Prince of Curitiba

"Slaves... all of you are just slaves of the Justicars. None of you is above a Prince" to Archons João Caneca, Cecília M. Stills, Lucas Bonfim, Jan Dvorak, Luigi Falcone and Peregrino de Carvalho in a meeting with many Princes.

"Servire is the slave of the slave" - to Vida Loka, servire of Pascek´s Office

"What I do in my Domain is my problem. My word here is Law." to Archon Lucas Bonfim

"Don't use your position to taunt me. I have no fear of you. I'm a Prince. For my eyes, you are only a slave, not more. A high stand slave of course, but a slave." to Archon Jon-Apolo de Soult

About Yussef:

"When I hear the name of Mullah Yussef Al-Fayyed, definitely not a good reputation is the first thing that comes to my mind." - Tag O´Brien

"So I conclude, the Camarilla begins to feel the absence of Yussef in our ranks, especially in the category Entertainment." - Portus, the Ivory Reaper.

"It must be very frustrating for you to have vast knowledge and wisdom and not be recognized by any Justicar, Prince or Primogen.." - Erdota Urmen de Corazon, Prince of São Paulo

"No other Kindred grants him Status. That's all anyone needs to know about this so-called 'Prince Yussef." - Archon Jon-Apolo de Soult



He is a muslim fanatic.

He was part of a group of religious scholar in Camarilla, who studies the impact of different religious on vampires.

He was welcome in Al-Amut and was trained by Assamites in many fighting and murdering techniches.

He tried to kill Portus when he is Prince of São Paulo in an action involving many others nosferatu.

He kills Colonel Von Stauffenberg, former Toreador Primogen, and stole his journal. This journal keeps many secrets of Toreador clan.

He has notoriety as "Infamous", gained after many scandals involving his name in 2009.

Yussef withdraw the Hospitality of all Toreador kindred from his Domain in recently past and Toreador clan becomes his enemy after that. The Toreador Office tried to change his decision, but Yussef enforce his Domain and threaten any Toreador who disobbey his order with Sixth Tradition.

Yussef challenge the Brujah Al Haqin Sain to a duel in recent nights, in a praxis seizure. Nobody hear about Al Haqin Sain after this episode and many says that Yussef killed him.

Yussef was defeated in a praxis seizure for Recife against Dmitri Mendeleiev, but keep his praxis on Nova Friburgo. Dmitri Mendeleiev earn a life boon from Yussef for this.

Yussef killed a Black Spiral Dancer in Brasilia. When many others Nosferatu and Children of Haqim run for their lives, Yussef fight alone against the beast.

Yussef kills Dom João Lorenzo,Prince of Rio de Janeiro and take his praxis. 2 nights after, Yussef make the union of Nova Friburgo and Rio de Janeiro domains. After he claim praxis over Niterói and make all state his Domain.