Gabriel Geraldo Santos Dammski

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Clan Tremere
Position Former Prince
Status 4
Domain Curitiba, Brazil
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Daniel Dammski Hackbart

Gabriel Geraldo Santos Dammski


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Real Name:
Gabriel Geraldo Santos Dammski

Apparent Age:


Physical description:
tall, short light brown hair, green eyes, always on the best suits.

Detailed Status:

burn to learn

Character Information

Known History


-Born in the countryside of the state of Paraná, he moved to the states, to learn about kindred politics.

- Moved back to Curitiba when he knew it had been taken by the Sabbath;

- Became whip of Clan Tremere

- In 2004, he became Harpy of Curitiba. He continued as Harpy for over 5 years, and was one of the first harpies in Brazil to get in touch with other harpies around the word. He kept his position even without primogens, under 2 changes of praxis.

- Became Prince of Curitiba, when Messias decided to leave the position.

- He found out about a huge reunion of the Sabbat, and was planning on an atack against them, when he realized many kindred within the city were planning a change of the praxis.

- Was killed by Gentil, on a controversial praxis dispute.

- Along his existence, had been considered, by some, as the best harpy in Brazil.



- Ana Paula, archon to the Tremere Justicar

- Luigi Falcone, archon to the Gangrel Justicar

- Gaetano Aeminium, former Princel of Brasilia (deceased)

- Messias, former Prince of Curitiba

- Fon Khanoko, member of Clan Malkavian

- Zacarias, Sheriff of Curitiba

- Dom Juan, former Archon to the Brujah Justicar

- Aisha, Prince os Reign of Blood

- Mia Scarlatti, former Prince of Brasilia (deceased)

- Gabriel Lawrence Yves Wesson, former Harpy of Sorocaba


- Orestes Dentes, former Prince of Curitiba

- Mangusto, former Sheriff of Curitiba (deceased)

- Mullah Yussef Muhammad Al-Fayyed (Un-Deceased)






Character Inspirations



- I don't do it because I want to. I do it because it is the right thing to do.

- I'm a politician, not a warrior. This is my way to fight the Rebelion.

- We live and breath status. Being a warrior is no excuse not to respect our social stances.