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Welcome to Jerusalem. Watch your head as you duck through the door to my cave. It was built in a time when people were much shorter than us.

You ask what the story is here? Why is the vampire community in destruction? Where is anyone of any strength or power? Jerusalem was a prime example of getting too comfortable, and now it is a prime example of destruction.

The Ventrue, Prince John of Kent ruled this city for over 900 years. He was comfortable with his position and that of everyone around him. No one fought for his power. They assumed it was a useless task. He stopped being careful, and now he is missing.

You ask me why do the Camarilla not help Jerusalem? When the Treaty of Thorns was signed in the 1400s, Prince John of Kent decided he was comfortable with his position and did not need a governing body watching his every move. He decided he was strong enough to handle the city on his own. He would have been, if he had been careful.

He disappeared my childe, him and everyone who had settled in comfort. You saw the reports in the news. The bombings and shootings were not just Arabs against Jews, they were Sabbat against humanity and until this point, it looked like the Sabbat had won.

Now the Camarilla has decided to re-conquer Jerusalem, and they have asked for young members of the camarilla who are looking to advance in power. You are here because you have requested to give service and wish more information. I have only one warning. Tread carefully and watch your step. Vampires who get too comfortable with their positions tend to disappear, no matter how much strength they have.

Welcome to the city.

Jerusalem by Night

HST Shay Blechman

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