Fred Tirosh

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Clan Assamite
Position None
Status 4
Domain Jerusalem
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Fred Tirosh


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Real Name: Fred Tirosh

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Sabbat Hunter

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Adrian of Tel Aviv

Warrior by Prince Adrian of Tel Aviv

Feared by Prince Adrian of Tel Aviv

Adored by Prince Jeice of Jerusalem

Character Information

Known History

Born on 1930 in Romania and inflitrated, along with his family, to Palestina on 1938. Was a member of the Lehi, the extremest of all Israeli liberation undergrounds. Was embraced after serving in the Israeli special forces in almost every war Israel has ever had. Has been waging a private war with the Lebanon Sabbat ever since.


Manticore, very powerful Sabbat


Aliyahu Giladi (NPC)


Naama Tirosh


Character Inspirations

Altair (Assasisn Creed)



Territory - Sepultura

Warrior - Disturbed

Nora ElNora - Orphaned Land (Israel has metal too!!!!)

Never Again - Disturbed


"Pleased to meet you, My name is Fred and I'm an assamite. It is belived that the information you possess is so important the Prince wants me to get the information out of you in the most brutal, and tastey, way. For the record, I have to ask you to tell me everything, but please don't" (Said to a chained Sabbat during interrogation. He spoke)

"I'm very friendly, until I suspect you of being Sabbat" (Fred) "He is, but if he suspects you then he's scary" (Dorrian, Senechal)