Vladiswar Karol

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Clan Ventrue
Position ???
Status 2
Domain Jerusalem
Coterie Unknown
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Shay Blechman


Vladiswar, enjoying his evening on Elysium couch. Notice the knuckle tattoos, the mark of fierce russian mafia member

V. Karol, Vlad, Bloody Vlad

Real Name: Vladiswar Karol

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Celebrant

Physical description: 5.7 feet tall, solid build, balding and usually a trimmed or full beard. Knuckle tattoos. Always attired in a rich 3 part suit, sometimes a leather rain coat over it.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Nikolai of St. Petersburg, Clan Ventrue
  • Revered by Stephanovich Karol, Primogen Ventrue of St. Petersburg

Character Information

Known History

Vladiswar Karol is a known arms dealer and soldier of fortune among the eastern europe kindred. A fierce business man and warrior forged in the heat of battle in his kine years in the OSNAZ corps, later on as retainer for the higher seats of the russian mob. Embraced and raised in the St. Petersburg domain, he has settled in Jerusalem after a call from fellow Kings, Richard Beecher and Azazel von Rosenshtat.

He has served from the first year of the New Domain Jerusalem as Primogen, Whip, Reagent ( in the absence of Richard and Azazel) and Sheriff. Recently has left the domain and his position as Sheriff after a Praxis by Jeice the Gangrel, the disappearance of Richard Beecher and final death of Azazel von Rosenshtat.




  • Stephanovich Karol



Character Inspirations

  • Isaac Dimshits - Maria [1], a portrait of the sordid underbelly of Soviet society during the Russian Civil War, was written by Isaac Babel during the mid 1930s.
  • Mark of Cain [2]- chronicles the vanishing practice and language of Russian Criminal Tattoos.
  • Boris the blade - Snatch (film)
  • Nikolai Luzhin - Eastern Promises (film)
  • Vladimir Putin, A true puppeteer and conniver

...Varied family reletives ;)




  • Dabbles much in the human war affairs around eastern europe, not to the liking of the Warlord office
  • Has a horde of females at his mansion in the outskirts of Jerusalem, with them he celebrates every new moon in wild sodomy parties, many of this occasions are on the edge of masquerade breach.
  • Guarding said mansion, is a small army of trained soldiers from Vlad`s kine life in the OSNAZ, all dangerous and armed ghouls.
  • While being Sheriff, was suspected to be his own Scourge. this due to the three Words of Destruction he got publicly from Prince Richard Beecher, on "enemies of the domain". The executions were bloody and usually were made with a mysterious antique sword, by Vlad himself.