Virgil Deems

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Clan Ventrue
Position Prince
Status 6+3
Domain San Francisco, CA
Coterie Unknown
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity ???
Player Kyle N.


Virgil Deems

Alias(es): None publicly known

Real Name: Presumably, Virgil Deems

Apparent Age: early 30s

Concept: Financier turned Kindred politician, attempting to modernize old world sensibilities.

Physical description: A bit over six feet tall, with a light brown pony tail, goatee, and glasses, Virgil nearly always wears a well-tailored suit and sports a fashionable cane of some sort. He also generally has a healthier pallor than most Kindred [OOC: Blush of Health] and is quick to smile.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Queen Anne of London
  • Cherished by Sheldon Rawlinson of Clan Ventrue
  • Esteemed by Prince Mordekai MacPherson of Bloomington, Indiana
  • Resourceful by Seneschal (later, Prince) Lady Cassandra Blackwell of Bloomington, Indiana
  • Influential by Prince Mordekai MacPherson of Bloomington, Indiana
  • Trustworthy by Seneschal (later, Prince) Lady Cassandra Blackwell of Bloomington, Indiana
  • Exalted, Famous, and Well-Known as Prince of San Francisco

Character Information

Known History

Virgil moved to Indiana from Great Britain in 2004, rapidly acquiring Primogenship in the Court of Vivianne de Montrachet. He later served as Keeper of Elysium and then Seneschal for successive Princes of Bloomington, Indiana before moving to San Francisco, where he soon took up the position of Keeper and then Seneschal in the Court of Daniel Book. In late August of 2009, he seized Praxis when Book stepped down, and he has been Prince of the City by the Bay since.

He is an active correspondent, posting fairly frequently to the Camarilla fora and is known to be fairly well-spoken. [OOC: Reputation: Articulate Politician]

At the "Convention of Fire" during the 2011 New Orleans Grand Masquerade, Virgil was the Camarilla Ventrue delegate.


None publicly known.


Virgil seems to have remarkably congenial relations with neighboring Princes and much of his Court, including his Harpy, Angel LaRouge. To outward appearances, he is rather well-respected by his Clan. He also seems on reasonably good terms with local archons, notably Jack Sebastien.


Oddly, Virgil doesn't seem to have public or visible enemies. He does have a significant Kuei Jin presence in his Domain, however, and the Princes of San Francisco have long had a rocky relationship with the Eastern Kindred. He has had some somewhat heated exchanges on national fora, however.


Augustus FitzGerald



None publicly known.

Character Inspirations

Ted Crisp from Better Off Ted, Michael Bluth from Arrested Development, and a mix of both Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock. Basically, a slightly off-kilter Only Sane Employee.



  • "Good evening. It's a pleasure to see you again."
  • "What virtues one believes their sire to embody does both credit."
  • "Good luck with that."


This is something it would be far more appropriate for others to fill in, and I invite others to do so. The following have all been suggested or added by others:

  • Virgil is a fan of baseball.
  • Virgil and Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom are former lovers, having had an affair while Newsom was Mayor of San Francisco.
  • Known to some as "Big Daddy" VD
  • While he intentionally maintains a high-humanity "nice guy" image, makes a point of hiring very bad people and turning a blind eye when they "take care of problems" without troubling him with the details
  • Like every other Prince of San Francisco the throne will take his sanity.
  • Virgil has a thesaurus as a ghoul.
  • [ Insert obligatory Setite rumor here. ]
  • Thinks of himself as the New World's Queen Anne. As such, has been arranging to install compliant Princes in the neighboring Domains.
  • Stark raving mad. He is Prince of San Francisco, after all. Must be something in the water. Err, blood.
  • Keeps Mark Richardson as his seneschal because the Malkavian is good in bed.
  • Lady Elizabeth of York thinks he might be a homosexual.