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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 3
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Ryan Lynch


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Real Name: Magnj "Magnus" Kohler

Apparent Age: 40-ish


Physical description: A man of average build and features, he can make himself appear either a bit less noticeable or a bit more so. Magnus usually wears a simple sport jacket, dress shirt, and slacks.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged (Berlin)
  • Relentless (Mic Rockaway)
  • Cherished (Prince Eric Kein)

Character Information

Known History

The Brujah called "Niemand" was an officer and archaeologist in the Ahnenerbe and SS who very well might have been embroiled in any conspiracy theory you might see on a bad History Channel documentary. His embrace in the final nights of the war was a mixed reward and punishment, and he was forbidden from having an actual name for many years. It is known that he has previously been allowed to embrace at least one Childer, Gunther, in the 1970s from among the apologist, hippie, socialist activists of the time.

Sort of a tomb raider for more powerful Kindred, Niemand infiltrated and stole artifacts from Setites and Tremere in Cleveland, Ohio. Following similar activity in Columbus, he disappeared for several months before returning with the goal of winning back the comradeship of his own clan mates. During the time he served as Scourge in Columbus, he methodically eliminated any un-Acknowledged Kindred who showed up. Intermittently serving as Primogen in Columbus (and seeing one misbegotten and very manipulataive neonate safely through the Accounting), Niemand stepped down from the position after a gruesome incident in Cleveland. He also lost three Status for the incident, and spent many months in penance. Before resting in torpor (he claims) for several months, Niemand was named a Sword Bearer of Columbus, and publicly reclaimed his actual name - Magnus Kohler.

In recent months, having been replaced as primogen by his own anarch-sympathizing child (who was killed), Magnus has spent some time away from Columbus when able - usually among the anarchs.



Those he would trust to deal with, might be a better term:


  • He considers almost everyone a potential enemy.
  • Especially Sabbat.
  • Betrayers who are caught.


Greta von Riesling


Gunther Bjornson (dead)


Character Inspirations

Isn't it obvious?




  • He once reveled in the duties of being a scourge.
  • He does not like Clan Tremere.
  • He railed against Guy Auvergne's diablerie of Naomi Walker until something was done, making enemies for it.
  • He was very unhappy about the death of Eva Sophia.
  • He is a Baharist.
  • Sire to a rampant serial diablorist
  • An actual Nazi
  • He is very unhappy about the death of Gunther Bjornson