Ewa Zofia Chmielewski

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 1
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity -
Player Amanda Frye




“Eva Sophia” billed name at The Windmill Theatre.

Real Name:

Ewa Zophia Chmielewski

Apparent Age:



The life of the party with her heart on her sleeve. A ravenous social climber and survivalist.

Physical description:

Ewa is a tall and Rubenesque woman with decidedly Western European features. She has dark hair, blue eyes, and wears eye glasses. She’s attractive in that she is striking. One might not call her a classic beauty but she’s remarkable just the same. Ewa has a thick Polish accent and is usually always colorful and lively. She always dresses in the labels she loves, preferring dark colors that compliment her pale skin. She is fond of both jewelry and cosmetics and it’s hard to imagine her NOT smoking a cigarette at any given moment.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Narbe, former Prince of Columbus, Ohio on July 7, 2012

Character Information

Known History

Those familiar with HRH Christopher Chicano will have come into contact at some point in time with Ewa Zofia. Though in the distant background of Chicano’s unlife, Ewa diligently served Chicano for many decades. Most knew of her as his accountant and personal secretary and Ewa arrived in Columbus with Chicano when he decided to take residency.

Before her arrival in Columbus, little is publicly known. Ewa traveled the world with Christopher, a favored ghoul and travel companion. In recent weeks she has been publicly introduced as His Grace’s childe, and still keeps the position of secretary and accountant in the Prince’s dealings.

Prior to meeting Christopher Chicano, Ewa Zofia’s last known country of residence was England. She was offered amnesty there at the ending of WWII and made a life for herself as a chorus girl at an entertainment hall known as The Windmill Theatre. She grew up in Poland and will often fall to speaking in her native tongue. Ewa is very proud of her Jewish heritage and will at times also divert to speaking Yiddish when she is agitated.

Ewa currently resides with Prince Chicano.





Christopher Chicano



Larkin Ambrose

Character Inspirations

-Velma Kelly from the musical Chicago

-Bonnie Parker, well known outlaw and girlfriend of Clyde Barrow

-Becky Sharp, anti-heroine of the novel Vanity Fair, by William Makepeace Thackeray

-Marlene Dietrich, German and American actress of the 1930’s


What'll I Do - Irving Berlin

Zing! Went the Strings of my Heart - Judy Garland

Smoke - 100 Monkeys

Barracuda - Heart

Love Me Dead - Ludo

Heavy in Your Arms - Florence and the Machine

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - U2

Woman - Maroon 5



  • Eva has a grotesque birthmark on her forearm and wears long sleeve shirts because of it.
  • She was involved in a prostitution ring Christopher Chicano operated.
  • Her accounting under Michael Kein was frought with indescribable peril.
  • Had her brood mates destroyed, none have been seen for quite some time
  • Was a Baharist cult member.