Guy Auvergne

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Clan Ventrue
Position ???
Status 3
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Chris Pieratt


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Real Name: Guy Auvergne

Apparent Age: 35

Concept: Velvet Glove

Physical description:Tall, Thin, good suits, great shoes and always has a martini and his folio

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged, Revered, Dutiful

Character Information

Known History

Guy moved north from Tennesee to make his own way in Columbus. It is a growing city and he has helped it grow in several ways, most recently with the construction of a new Casino in the middle of town. He has a history with several Giovanni in Columbus but has fallen under suspicion when all the Giovanni in Columbus were raided by the FBI on April 1st, 2011, and fled the Domain. He has since been cleared of all possible breaches of the Promise by both the Camarilla and the Giovanni.



Clan Ventrue







Character Inspirations

Gordon Gekko, Layer Cake




  • Guy set the Giovanni up for a FBI sting during one of their torture/murder parties.
  • Guy is partially bound to most Kindred in Columbus.
  • He paid the Assamites to kill Donovan Lewis.
  • Guy forces himself on female ghouls who attend court, then erases their memories of the event.
  • He committed diablerie to destabilize the Columbus Domain in preparation for selling it out the Sabbat.
  • The Brujah of Columbus wanted to tear him limb from limb. One Anarch even wanted to publicly rape him.
  • He suffered final destruction by order of Prince Hughes for diablerizing the Brujah, Naomi Walker.