Jim Melrose

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Clan Malkavian
Position Seneschal
Status 3+3
Domain Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Cyril L.


Jim Melrose (right) with Violet Avery (left)

James Melrose

Real Name: Presumably James Melrose

Apparent Age: Early-to-mid 20s

Concept: College student turned Malkavian

Physical description: Jim is fairly average-looking, with brown hair, brown eyes, and somewhat well-kept facial hair. He tends to dress in darker colors, though recently he has taken to wearing mostly black. He has a somewhat serious expression on his face at all times, though this belies his easy-going attitude. All in all, Jim at a glance is nothing standout or anything to write home about.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Laureyns van der Brock of Bruges (February 2011)
  • Gifted by Prince Laureyns van der Brock of Bruges (September 2017)
  • Compassionate by Prince Vaclav of Lewiston/Auburn (August 2019)
  • Cherished as Seneschal (March 2019)
  • Esteemed as Seneschal (March 2019)
  • Trusted as Seneschal (March 2019)

Character Information

Known History

Originally from Massachusetts, Jim Melrose was embraced on accident while on a trip to Belgium in late 2010. His sire, Yvette, took him under her wing more out of pity and guilt than any real sense of responsibility. Jim was taught how to focus his powers and aid those around him in the domain, which he used on more than one occasion to great success. He became something of a go-to seer for fledglings and neonates, someone with powers of the mind that was also friendly and approachable.

Near the tail end of 2017, Jim wanted to head back home. Discovering that Massachusetts was controlled by the Sabbat, he headed north into Maine, eventually settling in Lewiston/Auburn. Since then, he has acted as a lesser harpy, Keeper of Elysium (though was removed from the position after the praxis seizure of Lewiston/Auburn by Prince Connor), and Primogen for Clan Malkavian in Lewiston/Auburn. In March of 2019, he was named Seneschal by Prince Vaclav.


  • None



None that he's aware of. He has stated he have an immense hatred of Malkavian antitribu and the Sabbat in general, as well as most other enemies of the Camarilla.


Yvette DeWitt, of Bruges, Belgium


Cecilia Winters, of Lewiston/Auburn


Kitty O'Brien, of Bruges, Belgium

Character Inspirations



By Jim:

  • *Aggressive finger guns*
  • "Unrelated, but I've been reading up on the art of nugget horticulture. Did you know that in Tudor England, nobility would stich together dead piglets and chickens into something called a cockenthrice?"
  • "I am going to spite-learn Presence just to Summon his ass all the way from Florida to here."
  • "I moved here to the frontier of the Camarilla to make something of myself. I've grown a lot in the short amount of time I've been here, and I owe it to the Kindred of Lewiston/Auburn to give them help in return."
  • "If we fail, I want us to fail because our best wasn't good enough."
  • "I have a lot to not think about right now."
  • "As a wise man once said: 'blanket forts are where them fuckers ain't.'"

About Jim

  • "My name is Jim Melrose. What a #clever guy!" - The Clever Prince, March 2019

Between Jim and Others:

Fomori Cat: "To quote your 'two-legged' movies: 'may the odds be ever in your favor.'"

Jim: "Wait, there are four-legged movies?"


  • TBA