Evelyn Landrake

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Clan Toreador
Position Prince
Status 6 + 4 + 2 + 1
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society Ivory Legion
Path Humanity 000
Player Veronica Jensen


Evelyn's Character Picture


Evie, Evelyn Landrake Corenelli

Real Name:


Apparent Age:



Porcelain Doll

Physical description:

4'7", olive complected, ridiculously long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She has a slight build- that of a dancer. She speaks with an Italian accent.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Gaius Orsini of Orvieto, Italy.
Cherished by Ace Landrake (deceased, while he was Primogen in Baltimore)
Relentless by former Prince Jesse Clayborne, Philadelphia
Brilliant by Prince Asher Greggorson of Washington D.C.
Striking by former Prince Jesse Clayborne of Philadelphia
Admired by Prince Fiona MacGreggor of Philadelphia
Famous, Exalted, Well-Known, Distinguished as Prince of Baltimore
Valorous as a Centurion in the Ivory Legion.

  • Luminary of the Camarilla.
  • Dignitary of he Camarilla.

Character Information

Known History

Evelyn is a European embraced kindred from Italy. Her embrace was prior to the formation of the Camarilla, though the details of her sire and her embrace are not publicly known. While she shares the Landrake family line's progenitor, she does not hail from the same direct line of Gonovin, Ace and Lily Landrake, contrary to popular belief.

She is known to take her art forms seriously, having mastered dance first, followed by singing. In recent nights, she has become a crafter of jewelry, mastering metalsmithing, jewelry making and gem cutting and it has become the art that she is best known for, though there are others.

Evelyn came to the states in 2002, settling in Washington, D.C for a time before heading to Baltimore and serving as primogen. After a number of years there, she relocated to Philadelphia, serving as Keeper and then Sheriff for 2 years before moving to Northern Virginia in the fall of 2010 where she served as Seneschal to Sovereign Prince Mattias Roman.

In 2013, she took her leave in Old Dominion and moved back to Baltimore, serving as primogen for a very short time before being tasked with the position of Keeper of Elysium. She has been Keeper of Elysium for the last four Glitter and Gloom events.

Her gift of seeing wraiths is what she is really known for in the northern Mid-Atlantic. Her Sight is evolving all the time.

Sovereivn Prince Luther Rommell named her is Seneschal in April 2017. After a short few months, Prince Rommell stepped away from the position and Evelyn took the Praxis of Baltimore uncontested.




Luther Rommell
Alicia Knight
C.J. Holmes
Tatiyana Krajnik
Mr. Grey
Lennox Landrake
Augusta Landrake
Alicia Knight
Mercy St. Isaac
Tony Angelo
Fiona MacGregor
Erika Knott


Almost everyone has an enemy...


Fabrizzio Landrake (deceased)


Lennox Landrake


None known to her.

Character Inspirations

Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein, Frankenstein

Anne Elliot, Persuasion


The Kill (30 Seconds to Mars)
Passive (A Perfect Circle)
Beautiful Mess (Jason Mraz)
The Ballad of Mona Lisa (Panic! At the Disco)
Ignorance (Paramore)
I Will Not Bow (Breaking Benjamin)
This is Gospel (Panic! At the Disco)


Veronica OOC!

"Wait, what the fuck is a Tribble?" Evie to Harpy Tommy of DC.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! 'Get 'em Ray!' is NOT a plan!" ~Evie to many people on a regular basis.

"I don't go to clubs any more... I don't like them and when I go, bad things always happen." ~Evie to Diana MahlGhoul

"Why do you assume that I would be acceptable bait for your plan?" ~Evie has said this too many times to count.

"How fantastic!... Note the sarcasm in my voice." ~Standard Evie reaction.

"Evelyn, I think we should date. I'll make sure Luther's okay with it." ~Adrian Florent to Evelyn on the night of the 2nd seige of Camden- she was left speechless, by the way.


Evie is a Gangrel and not a Toreador.
Evie used to be shorter than she currently is.
Evie has been frequently used as bait for various purposes with mixed effects.
Evie lost the majority of her humanity in one night.
Evie has returned from having her Astral cord snapped more than once.
Evie embraced a kindred named Vermilion.
No matter how hard she tries, Evie cannot drive a car to save her life.
Evelyn once chaperoned two Tremere on a 'date'. Awkward...
Is actually Jesus and hates the color pink
Has been to Hell.
Got shot in the ass with bell imbued with the holiday spirit.
Evie is a Brujah.
Evie has been replaced by a pod person.
She is completely and irreversibly insane.
Evie spent an hour in her room speaking to the ghost of Fierello la Guardia.
She's fixed! Whatever will Mattias Roman do with his "No lascivious discussion" sign now?
Evelyn sees the Shadowlands all of the time.