Daciana Roman

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Clan Gangrel
Position Primogen
Status 6+1
Domain Washington, DC
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Laura Clark


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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Concept: Flirtatious and outgoing, a girl that is not afraid to go after what she wants. She is strong minded, independent and fiercely protective of both her friends and ideals, and will not hesitate to fight for them. She was a young adult that traveled abroad to see the world in the early 60's when her love for wildlife conservation brought her to Europe to try and make a difference in the world.

Physical description: She has an athletic build with healthy curves and stands about 5'9" in height. She has mostly light brown hair, accented with a natural mix of blonde, copper and darker brown hairs that falls to midway down her back in loose, slightly tangled waves. She typically wears it bound back away from her face with a headscarf or bandana and often there is a hint of honeysuckle scent about her. Just behind her right ear is a pair of small braids, metal scales often strung onto the ends. She has light freckles across the bridge of her nose, large, darkly lashed light brown eyes and a perpetual grin. Her ears are pierced with either silver hoops, or black and red scale earrings, and she wears a bronze wolf and a silver dire wolf skull pendant around her neck as well as sometimes a silver big cat skull and a large Thor's hammer on a long cord. She also wears a braided bronze torc decorated with wolf heads on the ends. There are numerous beaded and strung bracelets on her wrists, and/or she wears gauntlets of red and black metal scales that cover from hand back to just below the elbow. Always present is a strung bracelet of small brown beads, either on her wrist or looped around the gauntlet. She usually dresses in black and red Tripps, a black hoodie with a house Stark logo of a dire wolf's head on it, and spiked black leather heeled boots. Sometimes she wears her black and red scale armor when needed for a coming fight or a desire to show her handiwork. She always carries a messenger bag slung over one shoulder, and on her left thigh is strapped a black pouch decorated with assorted odds and ends, pins depicting a lioness, a barn owl, a button for GOT house Stark, a gold ring pin wrapped with ribbons and a beat up pocket-watch among others. (5 appearance related traits)

Detailed Status:

Dauntless: Prince Asher Greggorsen
Adored: Prince Mattias Roman
Dedicated: Prince Fiona MacGregor
Relentless: Prince Fiona MacGregor
Righteous: Prince Asher Greggorsen
Feared as Scourge of Washington, D.C.


Character Information

Known History

Born and lived most of her life on the east coast of the United States until she took off with dreams of helping wildlife and seeing the world in Europe. She spent a couple years there, eventually settling in Germany and hiking around the Carpathian mountains, becoming very driven to protect the wildlife there, in particular developing a deep attachment to the native wolf populations. After being embraced she remained there and continued her work, all the while adapting and learning for about 40 years before finally, growing more eager by the year for company of others and a wanderlust for home brought her back to the US in November of 2012, where she sought out her Sire and began to make a place for herself in the local kindred communities. She is affectionate and playful to those she trusts and is always up for a game, particularly Gangrel Jousting whenever possible. She is also working hard to hone her craft, creating scale-mail armor for her allies.




Asher Greggersen
Syd Amaroq
Luther Rommel
Rasa (Deceased)
Jack Daniels
Kaylee McGuiness
Hannah Martin
Mattias Roman
Red (East Coast)
Dougal Southerland
Morrighan Sinclair
John Keller
Alicia Knight
Victoria DeLaNoche
Evelyn Landrake
Red (West Coast)
She that Burns As the Sun (Sunny)
Alejandro Martinez
Reina Roman


None yet


Mattias Roman


Reina Roman


Character Inspirations




"Best Mount Ever" Proclaimed by Prince Slash (in reference to a jousting competition in which she in Beast form provided a mount, but the phrasing was deliberately on both parts used and intended to be humorously misinterpreted.)
There may have been a clash between Aramis and Mattias in regards to Daci.