Sheldon Goldstein

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 2
Domain St. Augustine, FL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Jeff



Alias(es): ~S, Shelly

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Jewish Lawyer/Bleeding Heart Liberal/Civil Rights Activist

Physical description: Tall skinny jewish guy wearing business clothes from the 70's and a bowtie.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by James Branderson (NPC, Princes List)
  • Resourceful by Prince Anya

Character Information

Known History

Was a civil rights activist in the 70's. Since being embraced, he has taken up Camarilla law and often represents "underprivileged" Anarchs and Independents in Camarilla matters.

Frequently tells his embrace story as such: "I was at a civil rights rally in California when this arabic guy wearing a bandanna, super torn jeans, and a ridiculous spiked gauntlet asks me where he could find the nearest Blank Panther meeting. I later find out that this guy is none other than Jon Sebastian. Well, I told Jon where the meeting was, but warned him that they all had firearms. As it turns out, the meeting was actually a nest of infernalists, and they all attacked Jon with this green fire that covered everything from their hands to their shoulders. Well, Jon survives the fight and comes back down to embrace me based on the fact I have prophetic visions. You see, apparently he thought I was trying to tell him that the infernalists had 'fire arms.' And that's how I was embraced."



Who doesn't love Sheldon?


Jon Sebastian




Carson Creed

Who ever are Carson Creed's Broodmates

Character Inspirations

  • Stereotypes for Jewish Lawyers and Civil Rights Activists
  • Atticus Finch from "To Kill A Mockingbird"


"You decided he should die and you're working backwards to find a reason. I do logical tricks like this before I eat breakfast, so you're gonna have to try harder to convince me of the appropriateness of this outcome." -Sheldon, to Garret who was trying to explain why he killed Piers Calvin.

"I get where you're coming from, I really do. Sometimes life just loves to kick you when you're down. But guess what, that means you have to be more vigilant, not less. This whole shit storm is gonna be fought over words, and you're not gonna get any leeway from anyone who isn't a Brujah. Your intent is worthless if the other guy can twist your words to mean something you didn't mean to say. This is the world I live in every day, where the pen is mightier than the sword. I'd suggest you start arming yourself appropriately." -Sheldon, to Montel Shame after the 2009 Calliope Van Horne Scandal.

"Dear Alec, Blake, Nycta, Rory, and all the rest who think the Clan has fallen from grace,

It saddens me to see you all are so willing to write off the rest of your clan so easily. I do not know what Clan you are referring to, but I do know it is not the clan I was embraced into. I was embraced into a Clan that hails from strong leaders who challenged what they thought was wrong, with the intent to rebuild it as something better and new. I was embraced into a clan that never took anything lying down, but instead, fought till its last breath. I was embraced into a clan of warrior scholars.

But it seems you all have been embraced into a clan of apathy. A clan where a challenge is not worth overcoming because it seems daunting, or dare I say, impossible. A clan where ridicule is preferred over revolution.

But I've been wrong before. And I'll be wrong again. Show me that I'm wrong this time. Show me that you are indeed members of the Clan I am proud to call my own. Don't give in to the ennui that seems to have already gripped your souls, but fight to improve the Clan every day. It's easy to notice something's faults. The hard part is correcting them.

I am a Brujah, and I'll never give up." -Sheldon, to the Rant at large.

"Sometimes they's folks running through the world yelling 'KILL ME' and they ain't nothing for it but to oblige em..." -Bishop, to the Rant

"Sometimes there are folks running through the world yelling 'HELP ME,' but people to impatient to listen just hear 'KILL ME.'" -Sheldon, to Bishop

"Part of being a 'scholar' is the discipline to analyze something for as long as it takes to truly grasp the depth of the subject, whether it is art, philosophy, or legal opinions.

Our reputation as scholars has 'decreased' because too often people act before truly understanding a situation. It is no coincidence that the greatest warriors were also the greatest scholars.

We are the warrior scholars because they are one and the same." -Sheldon, to the Rant.

"It is often very unfortunate how the dead cannot be questioned as to their motives and beliefs." -Sheldon, to the Rant.

Personal Manifesto - "The Citizen Brujah"

Recent events on the Rant, as well as those outside, have encouraged me to look inwards and examine what drives me forward in these modern nights. After some deep introspection, I believe I have found what my blood calls for, what I would die for. If you have a moment, I'd like to share that realization with you.

I believe that it is our responsibility as kindred, and more specifically as Brujah, to protect those who would be hurt from our lack of action. Whether we are protecting the living from the dangers of the undead, or the Brujah with the minority opinion from the oppressive Brujah majority, it is all the same. We have the ability to ensure that the others do not suffer, and so we should. In fact, it is our moral imperative to do so.

This philosophy reminds me of the time my mentor challenged me to be a citizen attorney. A citizen attorney is one who does the right thing first, and worries about wealth or power second. A citizen attorney accepts a class action suit against a chemical company pro bono, despite the fact it will cost the attorney a significant amount of money to represent those clients. A citizen attorney represents the KKK member in a first amendment case, even though doing so will irreparably damage that attorney's public image and popularity. A citizen attorney advocates for the minority, because he is the only one who can. It is the citizen attorney's responsibility to act where the average person cannot, no matter what the costs. Abraham Lincoln summarized this idea best when he said, "the lawyer has the superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough."

I find the lessons of the citizen attorney can be easily applied to our society. A citizen Brujah will not kill a neonate Brujah, even if that Brujah is planning to kill him. A citizen Brujah protects the Anarch Brujah from dying at the hands of the Scourge, even if they don't believe in the Anarch's cause. A citizen Brujah calls bullshit on a Camarilla elder's machinations, even if they will get stripped of status for it. The citizen Brujah has a superior opportunity of being a good person. There will still be power enough.

I am a citizen Brujah, and because of that, I do the right thing no matter what, because if I don't, then others will unfairly suffer. I promise you that I will stay and fight the Sabbat, and even die fighting them, just so the defenseless Toreador and Ventrue have 6 more seconds to escape. I swear that I will show compassion and try to rehabilitate every misguided neonate that plans my destruction, even if that means I risk that neonate destroying me later. I vow that I would gladly strip all of my standing and trade in every boon I have if it will save one Anarch from malicious persecution.

I would do these things and more because I don't want to see others agonize when it could have been avoided. We have been given gifts that far surpass any of those possessed by the other clans inside the Camarilla and out. We have been given the strength of body, mind, and personality to effect change. We have the indomitable passion to see our dreams to the very end. We have the unity of brotherhood reminding us that we do not face our challenges alone. We are warrior-scholars and philosopher kings, we are vehicles of change, we are Brujah.

I challenge all of you to take up the mantle of the citizen Brujah and always do the right thing. The next time you see a sadistic Camarilla kindred abusing an Anarch on Elysium, get in-between them and tell the Cammie to fuck-off. The next time some neonate plots against you, set a good example by making them your pupil. The next time you have an opportunity to be a good person, be a good person.

I regretfully understand that some of you will not join me in my cause as a citizen Brujah. However, whether you take up this cause or not, what's important is that you have a cause you believe in. Piers did not share my cause, but his loyalty to and passion for the Camarilla was unparalleled. I know every action he took was in the best interests of the Camarilla and that his death is a tragedy. So my fellow brothers and sisters, if you are willing to share, what drives you forward in these modern nights? Share now, because you may never know what night will be your last.


  • Sheldon has a bowtie for every occasion.
  • Sheldon is not actually Jewish.
  • Sheldon hates poor people.
  • Sheldon has gold hidden away on his person. When he takes damage, the gold bursts from his body and he must recollect it to regain his health.
  • He was possibly at one point romantically involved with Katja Nothing-Llyandryn, but then again, who hasn't been romantically linked with her
  • He had his soul replaced by the Tremere after a bad run in with a Serpent of Light
  • Jack Sebastien is Sheldon's second dad.
  • Made a deal with the devil after having his soul removed by a serpent of light.