Sadie Court

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Clan Malkavian
Position Primogen
Status 5+1
Domain Black Hawk County, IA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Courtney


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Real Name: Sadie Court

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Concept: crazy bitch

Physical description: Sadie is gorgeous (x3 if you want specifics), curvy and stands at about 5'9 with thick, long red hair, bright green eyes, and pale skin. She dresses mostly in 'hipster' fashion (or what would've been seen as regular fashion in the 70's and 80's), and does her best to go unnoticed. She looks to be in her early 20s and people tend to like her, even though she can be a bit callous and condescending [friendly face].

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Little to nothing is known about Sadie before she arrived in Black Hawk County in 2010. After attending only a few gathers, she was made Keeper of Elysium by Prince Richardson - a position she claimed to despise. When Murray X claimed praxis in 2012, he made Sadie his Seneschal. After his death, she stepped down from Seneschal to take over the position of Primogen under Christopher Brass. It is rumored that Sadie was power behind his rise and fall within the domain.

Sadie has retained the seat of Primogen under Prince Hannibal St. Just.


Matthias Blackstone (Deceased)
Luni the Wise
Daniel "Mac" McDonald
Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange (Deceased)
Cricket Marriot
Helena Russo
Julianna Kronnin Ward (Deceased)
Mathias Ward (Deceased)







Girl that's never been by Escape Key
Path by Apocalyptica
Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore
Missing by Evanescence
The Call by Regina Spektor
You May be Right I May be Crazy by Billy Joel

Quotes by Sadie

"You keep doing this thing where you talk to me like I actually give a damn."

[In response to being asked if she was the Keeper] "Let's not talk about it."

[After being congratulated on being made Seneschal] "That's one way to look at it."

"No, I will not teach you the unique power of my clan. It is a heavy burden we carry, one that is greatly underestimated. Other clans may make you stronger, faster, tougher but you are still you. Learning our power alters the state of your mind. You will never be the same. I won't be responsible for that."

"There is a difference between being crazy and enlightened. Sometimes I am crazy. Sometimes I am enlightened. Sometimes I am both. Sometimes I am neither."

Quotes about Sadie

"What I'm saying is, Sadie is an unmedicated schizophrenic who broke a chair over someones head because she could, but that doesn't mean she's not also right." -Daniel "Mac" McDonald

"There's something about her which makes me want to take her under my wing..." - Fifi!

"So eminently concerned with the welfare of the victim, and yet so enthusiastically ready to visit violent retribution upon the aggressor. Darkness is made so much blacker by the presence of brighter light." Augustine St. Just


  • Compares Status at least once a Gather.
  • Participates in weekly therapy sessions to learn more "social graces." There is great debate about her progress.
  • Remembers nothing of her mortal life.
  • Has had two malkavians put under her accounting, neither have returned.
  • Enlightened Prince Murray X, then Francis Marivan fixed him.
  • Dislikes the majority of her clanmates.
  • Broke a chair over someones head in Elysium to teach a lesson.
  • Helped a clanmate succeed in taking Praxis, even though she didn't like them or believe they would do well in the position. Once her point was proven, she had him removed from the position.
  • Took the role of Primogen out of spite.
  • Gave Prince Capricorn Augustus of Peoria two Queen of Hearts and delivered him to Jessica Kesch during the Midwinter gather of 2014.
  • Is a Gangrel.