Nikolaus Athanasius

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Clan Brujah
Position Primogen
Status 3
Domain Tampa, FL
Coterie The Consortium
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Rob Beckett


                                          DECEASED  or is he?
Niko just hanging out.

Alias(es): Niko, Nikolaus Athanasius, Niko Alexopolous

Real Name: Nikolaos

Apparent Age: Early 30s

Concept: Party guy

Physical description: See Photo

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Stupid Gangbanger

This image is from Tampa's 2011 Halloween Game. It is an out of OWbN Continuity version of Niko.

Known History

Niko was released from his accounting around 1400 and received his Camarilla Acknowledgement in 1753 at the same time his Sire received hers. He was Acknowledged by his Sire's Sire's Sire in a visit to his homeland for that purpose. He and Thea decided that this new sect, the Camarilla provided opportunities that otherwise might be missed. They have been members since.


In 2009, Niko sent a series of emails to several famous and influential (not to be confused with *Famous and *Influential) members of the Camarilla and suggested that they begin working together. He proposed that they form a group that would use their rather large amount of leverage in society to help protect the Camarilla and the Masquerade. When this group works together they are capable of not only shutting down a city's mortal connections but of using those connections to the betterment of the sect to which they all belong. "If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire The Consortium."


And bringing up the rear. . .


There are likely several people who dislike Niko, most of them tend to keep quiet. I'm sure if you ask around, you'll find out who they are.


Theadora Carlisle

Thea Carlisle


Alice Athanasius


Character Inspirations

  • Londo Mollari (Babylon 5)
  • G'Kar (Babylon 5)
  • the Most Interesting Man in the World (Dos Equis Commercials)


  • Ottmar Liebert - Barcelona Nights (Opening Credits)
  • David Bowie - Bring Me the Disco King (Hunting)
  • Prince - Partyman
  • Sweet - What you Feel (Once More With Feeling)
  • Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (Fight Song)
  • Sweet - What you Feel Reprise
  • the rest of this playlist is forthcoming . . . I haven't thought a lot about it.


  • In Greek "Tonight you will have no eyes, ears or tongue. You will wander the underworld blind, deaf and dumb."
  • In Greek "You are not worthy of Hades realm, I will give you no coin when I carve out your heart."
  • "No, Niko is not a Setite" [Turns to ST.] "Spending Willpower to avoid Frenzy"
  • When asked if he wants to learn Serpentis again Niko is sometimes heard to reply, "Niko is not lose Serpentis. What is being problem?"
  • To Alice: "You is like butterfly, need break from shell, yes?"
  • To Paul Walker: "Proper remorse is a far greater thing than proper chastisement. For one to recognize their failings shows that they are deserving of their accolades."
  • Regarding Nicolai Shevos "He has the social grace of a rabid dog."
  • To a dumbass brujah: "Now, kindly, go fornicate with your mother."


  • It is rumored that Niko is an apostate to the Followers of Set.
  • He's really the power behind Tommy Truelove.
  • He speaks English perfectly, but he affects a heavy accent to make himself more memorable.
  • He is blood bound to Cassandra Sumner.
  • Niko picks his fights carefully - he only goes after someone when he knows he will win.
  • Extorts Boons for fun and profit.
  • Niko's use of a thick accent is merely a ruse to allow him to get away with saying things he shouldn't.
  • Niko is a member of a powerful coterie of those with great influence over the Kine. Some say he is the leader of this organization, or possibly the founder.
  • Niko isn't actually Greek... he's a neonate from South Plainfield, NJ who's pretending to be old.
  • Niko is the founder of the Path of Cathari.
  • It's all an act - Niko knows perfect English. He wants to see who is easily flustered.
  • Niko's Jacket was stolen from an infernalist and is said to still carry a bit of the power of it's previous owner.
  • Niko's jacket contains the damned souls of those he kills.
  • Niko picked his name from a Steven Segal movie... true story.
  • Niko and Zio! have been off and on lovers since before Zio!'s embrace.
  • Niko taught Calliope Van Horne everything she knew about being a socialite.
  • Niko is the reason Zio! is gay.
  • Niko is allied with the Giovanni.
  • He, Zio, and Jean Luc had a Greco-Roman style threesome at midwinter 2011.
  • He won the belt game because it was flashy, his pants hold themselves up.
  • Niko is weak-blooded. That's why he has to adopt childer.
  • Niko walked out on a meeting with two Archons because they compared his Patron God with a demon.
  • Is jealous of Selene Lazarion's success in the Camarilla.
  • Offers boons to Princes for Right of Destruction over those people he doesn't care for.
  • Stirred up trouble at the Prince's Symposium in Atlanta by attempting to throw the biggest Kindred bachelor party Mortal society.
  • He is a major player in the Jyhad, coordinating the actions of several key individuals.
  • His rise to success was masterminded by the Setite's to place one of their bound socialites in a place to sow seeds of distrust and chaos.
  • Niko has been making bargains behind closed doors with a number of powerful elders to continue his rise within the Camarilla.
  • He is being considered as an Archon by no less than three Justicars.
  • Niko throws women through walls.
  • Niko once staked another kindred in the sun and stood there to watch him die.
  • Niko has had an Archon rolled for his shoes.
  • Niko is one of the most accomplished Blood Magicians outside of those Clans who come by it naturally.
  • Niko possesses the ability to teleport short distances.
  • When in Rome, they do as he does.
  • Niko engineered his own removal as Harpy so that he could enjoy the Grand Elysium in New Orleans, 2011.
  • As he was about to be announced as the Brujah delegate to the Convention of Fire several nameless elders called in boons requesting him to step aside.
  • At the Georgia Gala in 2012, all of the Tremere in attendance were seen paying homage to him.
  • Stirred up trouble at the Prince's Symposium in Atlanta by trying to throw the biggest Kindred bachelor party Mortal society. He succeeded with several thousand attendees.
  • Niko faked his death during the Atlanta Princes Symposium.
  • He was seen on 13 October, 2012 at a party in Grand Rapids, Mi.