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Clan Assamite
Position None
Status 6
Domain ???
Coterie The House of Red Curtains
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Tracy Collett


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None that anyone can remember

Real Name: Uknown to any living soul

Apparent Age: Late Twenties, possibly older

Concept: The guilty survivor

Physical description: Perpetually scruffy and somewhat unkempt he is never seen without his sunglasses, no matter how dark it is. He is a tall man with poor posture and mottled slavic features. If one studies him carefully it is easy to see he would have once been a very handsome young man, but there is something sickly to him now, old and tired and broken before his years. His shortish dark brown hair seems to go in whatever direction it pleases. When he walks, he often extends his hands towards objects he senses, suggesting that the sunglasses are because he is blind. A fact supported by the white can he carries. He also seems to prefer to keep his distance from people.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged, Dedicated, feared, provident, loyal, knowledgable and Obdurate

Character Information

Known History

Acknowledged in Johannesburg by Cromwell, little is known about him before that. His accent suggests Czech ancestry but his ease with midwestern American colloquialisms suggests he's lived in the U.S. for some time. He doesn't talk about his life prior to that save for to a VERY select few.

He has recently made a move to St. Augustine Florida where he is slowly gaining some renown as a man of knowledge... even if he does bump into chairs a lot.

Having retired from his office as Sheriff and Lord Arcanum of St. Augustine in November of 2013, He has become a highly reclusive individual.


The House of Red Curtains


The Family Massoud



Plenty, but he doesn't trumpet about it.


Atifa Bin Kafir (NPC)


None that he talks about.


None that he talks about.

Character Inspirations

The L&O episode that took the crew to Prague. My own Czech ancestry.


Netsky- Memory Lane

Refugees and Scatterlings by Red state soundsystem

Main theme



"Sorry, I'm not much use in a fight. Blind men don't usually have a reputation as good shots."

"Oh I have answers for you... But know that you will not like them and that I don't care."

"I am of no threat to you... you have nothing I want and I have nothing you want. Now please, leave me alone if you'd be so kind... You're company disgusts and disappoints me."

"We have all known pain; some more than others... And you do every moment of pain that you have endured a disservice by estimating it to be greater than anyone else's. So shut up and suffer in silence like the rest of us.......... What? Are you confused? Let me be more clear then. Don't be a bitch and save a little face then maybe."

"I will glass the fucking earth beneath his dirty little feet... the fires will burn until there is no more air to feed the flames. Then and only then will I ALLOW them go out."

"You can excuse my foul language or not... I don't much care either way. But when the time comes that you find yourself faced with dangerous questions for which you need immediate answers, you WILL apologize for giving me so much trouble before I save your life... or I wont."


  • He actually has no eyes under his glasses.
  • He was once a mortal hunter
  • He is a rampant diablerist
  • The Sabbat ate his babies
  • He is an atheist
  • He trusts no one
  • His 'blindness' is all part of an elaborate ruse meant to confuse his enemies.
  • Marek's allusions to a tortured past are simply fabrications designed to elicit sympathy from others.
  • Actually, the tortured past is true, but the sick thing? He actually enjoyed it.
  • (Children of Haqim only) He dislikes members of his caste that get politically involved.
  • No relation to Zarek, though often confused for him.
  • Has a seriously creepy penchant for mentioning his murdered family at ALL the wrong times...
  • Has grown increasingly unstable and near suicidal after the events of the 2013 Nonclave.