Lazul Haroukin

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Clan Assamite
Position None
Status 3
Domain Buffalo, NY
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Nick


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The Lapis Lion

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 24

Concept: Guardian, Guidance and Helper

Physical description:He stands about 6ft tall with a medium athletic build, dark black hair and hazel eyes. He has obvious European features and long flowing fabrics that cover most of his body.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Dolce La Fontaine of Waterloo, France
  • Relentless by Julius Cole, Prince of Philadelphia, PA
  • Valorous by Balik, Primogen of São Paulo, Brazil

Character Information

Known History

  • Traveled around Europe for the past several years along with Rue Massoud and Pietra Corvalus.
  • Recently traveled to the United States and through the North East
  • Helped stopped He Who Is Coming from entering our world through the Western Door in April 2012.





Yeah, that is kind of a complicated question at the moment.






Character Inspirations

  • Cirque du Freak
  • Satoko from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
  • Cirque du Soleil


Rise Against- Make it Stop (September's Children) (The Wake Up Call)
Talain Rayne- Dear Sister, Your Brother (Rue & Laz)
Three Days Grace- Get out Alive (The Haroukin Bloodline)
Mumford and Sons- Little Lion Man (Story Of Laz's Life)
Three Days Grace- Animal I Have Become
Bastion Soundtrack- Mother, I'm Here - Zulf's Theme (COH Only - The Mountain)
Bastion Soundtrack- Build That Wall - Zia's Theme (Laz's Studying Song)
Bastion Soundtrack- Pantheon - Ain't Gonna Catch You (My Grand Sire)
Three Days Grace- Last To Know
Voltaire- Goodnight Demonslayer (COH Only - A Song That His Sire Would Sing To Him While Teaching Him On The Mountain)
Counting Crows- Raining In Baltimore
Chalk Outline - Three Days Grace


"Ok, how the fuck does everyone and their mother know my Sire, I have been looking for him for 15 years!!. Oh and apparently the Ventrue Primogen just hit on me!!" - To Fouad on their first night in Buffalo
"I am NOT a loyalist lawnchair!" - To Alabastor in Lehigh
"You don't know what its like, you weren't stuck in a cage for 7 years" - To Rue in Lehigh. She promptly spent a Willpower.

A Conversation Between Julius Cole and Laz: Laz - "Just so you know Elena is ok" Julius - "What do you mean she is okay?" Laz - "Well she took some serious damage so I took her to the hospital" Julius - "Okay...." Laz - "Julius..she's a GHOUL!" Julius - (After a second of silence) "OHH!"


  • Is alleged to be a member of the Cirque des Ténèbres
  • Was invited to a threesome with a Ventrue primogen and his friend Rue on his first night in Buffalo
  • He sleeps with a stuffed rabbit named "Mr. Hopits" because he misses his sire
  • His sire abandoned him because he got tired of being woken up for every bad dream
  • He was actually embraced by a Lawnchair
  • Lazul is not merely Alabastor's childe...he is his mortal brother.
  • Can't stand up to his sire.
  • (COH Only)- Was kidnapped and tortured by Loyalists. No one knows how fractured and broken Lazul really is from the experience...
  • (COH Only)- Is he really an Owl or just a Reaper in disguise?
  • Laz actually has a lot to say when he actually gets the chance to speak. Too many people seem to think he is just like his Sire
  • Laz was supposed to be at the Midwinter gathering in 2013 however no one saw him. Actually, not many people have seen him in a few months...
  • Survived Julius Cole's combat boot camp. Something many of her personal guard from the Mid Atlantic have gone through.