Julian DuLuazon

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Clan Toreador
Position None
Status 3
Domain Buffalo, NY
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Zaky


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Real Name: Julian du Luazon

Apparent Age: 29

Concept: Plagued Toreador and Patron of the Arts and Cleaner

Physical description: Julian is a large caucasian man, tall and built. Glasses go over his blue/green eyes. He has a goatee and short buzzed hair, both which have a red tint to them. He isn't special to look at but he is good looking.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged in Vegas, Dedicated by Assop Young, Honorable by Prince Julius Cole

Character Information

Known History

Coming from a wealthy family, Julian spent his time and money trying to find beauty in his life. Never finding it, but spending so much on art and music, he caught the eye of his sire and became Toreador. Now he is in Buffalo trying to reclaim the name of his clan that was smeared by those that came before him.
After a time in Buffalo, he became its Keeper of Elysium under Prince Carlson before eventually becoming his clan's Primogen. Now he continues to serve the city and his clan under Prince Peace. He was recently renamed Keeper of Elysium to the Domain of Buffalo under the Rule of Prince Peace.


Idiots Need Not Apply (Disbanded)


Aegis Cole,
Julius Cole,
Olivia Kennedy Cole,
Rue Massoud,
Lazul Haroukin,
Henry Lamontaigne,
Guy Erving,
Moira O'Neil (Deceased)
Marcus Cole (Deceased)


Bridget Flynn
Vincent Lucas
Saundra the Nosferatu Anarch



Zane (adopted, deceased)


Character Inspirations

Red Foreman, Lex Luther, My Cousin Jay, Frasier Crane, Harvey Specter


Paranoid ~ Black Sabbath,
Paint It Black ~ Rolling Stones,
Jumper ~ Three Eye Blind,
Mad World ~ Gary Jules,
Long Way Down ~ Goo Goo Dolls
Eleanor Rigby ~ The Beatles
Emo Party ~ MC Chris
Unwell ~ Matchbox 20
Survive ~ Rise Against


"This Rose has darkened and wilted, but its thorns are still sharp and it will bloom again!"
"Huh? I thought you could do better!" From Julian DuLuazon to Olivia Kennedy Cole about one of her pieces
"My opinion of him is weird, I'm not used to not being pissed off." From Julian DuLuazon to Olivia Kennedy Cole about Aegis Cole.
"He'll succeed... or I will set him on fire! Either way I win. Now where is that drink? I never did get to it." Julian DuLuazon about his childe Zane.
"I could have taken you!" Julian DuLuazon to Julius Cole.


Isn't affected by the same entrancement as other Toreador.
Rumored to be blood bound or magically controlled by Julius Cole.
Wants to be a Cole, because of the magic last name of doom!
Has become suicidal after the death of Moira O'Neil.
Thought to hate almost all of his clan.
Has become increasingly paranoid, even of close allies.
"Seems pretty squish. Friends with the Toreador Prince of Philly. Was once in a coterie with Buffalo Prince of the Week Marcus Cole. Adviser to the Prince of Buffalo. Beware of items. Although DuLuazon is believed to be a bit on the squishy side, friends tend to hand him magical weapons including Splinter Servants and Hands of Glory." rumors spread by Anarchs on him.
Rumor has it he is trying to steal Aegis Cole's girlfriend from him.
Was once said he tried to destroy the Children of Haqim and Toreador Alliance by himself for a minor slight against him.
Has become good at weeding the Rose Garden of Buffalo.