Jan van Rheinlander

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Clan Ventrue
Position Prince
Status 4+4
Domain Griffin, GA
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 0000
Player Jan v/Rheinlander


Jan van rheinlander.jpg

Alias(es): William Mowett

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: friendly politician, ship captain, honorable lawyer

Physical description: Tall, blond, with blue eyes, Jan is a friendly, gregarious man who talks with his hands. An enchanting voice with the air of a natural leader, Jan has a blush of health that enhances his friendly face and endears him to those he meets.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Johannes Castelein, Former Prince of Amsterdam.
  • Loyal by Arjan Voorhies, Prince of North Holland & Utrecht Counties (including Amsterdam)
  • Trustworthy by Prince Pompeii Magnus of Griffin, Georgia
  • Voracious by Prince Pompeii Magnus of Griffin, Georgia
    • Exalted as Prince of Griffin, Georgia
    • Famous as Prince of Griffin, Georgia
    • Well-Known as Prince of Griffin, Georgia
    • Distinguished as Prince of Griffin, Georgia

Known History

Jan, Budapest Underground.jpg

Jan's early life was spent as a lieutenant on a Dutch East India Company ship trading spice with the far east. He subsequently served on board several British warships till his embrace. Since his embrace he has worked for the Ventrue Clan on several continents to further Camarilla interests. He moved to the domain of Griffin, Georgia, USA, in the Winter of 2014 and quickly became the local clan whip, then the Keeper of Elysium, then served as Primogen and now Seneschal of the domain. Jan routinely visits other domains and has established good relations with the citizens there.

On December 3rd 2016, Jan van Rheinlander claimed and held the Praxis of Griffin, Georgia.


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  • None known



  • Smoke monsters



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  • None known

Character Inspirations



From Jan:

  • "Would you like some water?"
  • To a werewolf elder, "can you please take the helio spirits outside, you're disturbing the gathering."
  • "I'll take your ten million, but I'd still prefer if you not burn my house down."

Concerning Jan:

  • "Seneschal van Rheinlander is calm, capable, and polite, a natural politician where others would struggle." - Jennica Sparrow


  • Isn't actually a vampire, he's an attorney who was too sociable to fit in human society, yet is attorney enough to fit in with the undead.
  • He collects water from every country he visits, keeping the bottles in his bar.
  • He secretly judges people based on which brand they drink.
  • Lupines showed up in his haven, and somehow, no one died.
  • Jan and Seneschal Jennica Sparrow are often found in the same places, being frequent visitors to one another's domains. This leads to regular discussions about precisely which seneschal is needed for an emergency at any given time.
  • Jan has several Giovanni friends and seeks more.
  • Jan keeps the ashes of an elder sabbat lasambra on a shelf behind the bar in his den.
    • It's not the only memento there, either.
  • He is known for being willing to speak with anyone, vampire, lupine, wraith, fae, or hunter, so long as it doesnt break the masquerade.
  • Jan avoids physical confrontations because he can't stand up long in a fight.
  • Jan keeps a smoke monster he captured in his basement.
  • Jan was once attacked by the Angel Gabriel, who was wielding two flaming swords and a breastplate which shined with the light of the sun (and survived!).
  • Jan house is insured for much more than it is worth.
  • Jan collects Teslas.
  • Jan is a sucker for pretty girls; they can get him to do just about anything.
  • He loves mortal drinks like Fanta but doesn't like Coke Classic.
  • His favorite drink is apple Fanta mixed with cranberry spite.
    • ...cranberry Sprite?
      • I know what I said.
  • Jan has been known to refer to humans as 'muggles.'
    • ...and to mages as 'Harry Potter people.'
  • Jan couldn't swim when he was a sailor and was terrified of the water.
    • You mean is. He actually hates the pool behind his haven.
  • Jan doesn't want to be Seneschal.
  • Once got the local MS13 gang in Atlanta to help with a gun buyback program.
  • He loves microbrewed rootbeer.
  • Based on how much she prods at him, Jan and fellow seneschal Jennica Sparrow are either good buddies or best frenemies.
  • Jan often mentions how much his house is insured for. He really just wants someone to destroy it so he can have the insurance payout.
  • Sometimes, when he thinks Jennica Sparrow is sad, he will surprise her with a huge hug. Her reaction has been described by a few as "stunned/cranky," or like a tiny angry animal.