Emily "M.J." Jackson

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 5
Domain Green Bay, WI
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity -
Player Molly



Alias: MJ
Real Name: Emily Freigh
Apparent Age: 25
Physical description:
Blonde, 5'3",
Appearance x5
eerie light blue eyes
she's been described as the brujah with the hot ass.
Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged (By Word of Prince Lockhardt)
  • Adored (By Word of Dizzy)
  • Efficient (By Word of Prince Carlisle)
  • Good (By Word of Archon Good)
  • Loyal (By Word of Prince Adams)

Character Information

MJ is a fiesty blonde who doesn't take shit or no for an answer. However she's not the typical Grrr smash Brujah. MJ was thrown in to the deep end early on and has been taking the lead ever since. The fact that her sire is well known has given her a leg up in Camerilla politics, but she has to constantly be on guard because she never knows what he'll do next. She is a resident of the Green Bay, WI domain after her marriage to Oliver Freigh, but frequents the Springfield, IL domain where her sire is currently prince. She's fair, but firm and she will put you in your place if you need it.

Known History

MJ spent time as a ghoul in Mexico with a church to keep tabs on the sabbatt. She previously served as senechal under (former) Prince Theadora Carlisle in St. Clair and Madison Counties and as Senechal under Prince Winston Adams in the Carbondale domain before the fall of the domain to Lupines, and is in charge of the southern branch of Lockhardt Tactical weapons manufacturing. You might have recognized her in a public service announcement for gun safety if you're from the Midwest. In the winter of 2011 MJ went Mediterranean tour with Oliver Freigh, meeting such dignitaries as former Justicar Lucian in Crete and Prince Mustafa of Istanbul. After their return from the Mediterranean the couple endured a short time period where they had a long distance relationship as they were needed in different domains. At the Midwinter gathering of 2012 Oliver proposed to MJ and they were wed by Father William Dunstin, S. J. that same evening. Since then Oliver has become an Archon under Justicar Pascek and she serves as his Servire. They now reside in the domain of Green Bay together.


MJ! not MJ, she'd never do anything like be in a coterie



The Infernal


Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt




  • "Fucking be good or I'll sit your ass in time out!"
  • Upon MJ's first meeting of Selene Lazarion. Selene asked what M.J. stood for and she replied:"It stands for none of your fucking business."
  • "girls, girls, you're both pretty."
  • "If I thought I could do a better job than that, then I'd already be doing it. If I thought you could do a better job than that, then I'd be fucking insane."
  • "I used to have a shirt like that, till my dad got a job."
  • "You're a bad Daddy."
  • "That's it! Danceoff!"
  • When discussing her relationship with her husband Oliver "I am the Pepper Potts to his Tony Stark."


MJ is rumored to:

  • be Ventrue
  • be a Brujah spy for the Ventrue
  • be the grand child of Archon Saul Good
  • put out on the first date, assuming the first date lasts 6 weeks and includes a Mediterranean tour.
  • be responsible for the creation of three Nosferatu in St. Clair County
  • have had his Halcyon Excellency, Justicar Art Morgan once cross a room to tell her that she had great tits.
  • have swam in the Mediterranian Sea with Lucian of Crete
  • have shared a passionate kiss with Prince Mustafa of Istanbul
  • secretly like certain members of Clan Tremere
  • have killed Jakob Phuridae

Her Sire is rumored to:

  • be insane
  • be a sabbat sympathizer
  • be the child of Archon Saul Good
  • have considered leaving the Camerilla for the Anarch Movement
  • be chased by starved nymphomaniacs
  • have been abducted by aliens
  • have been anally probed by said aliens
  • believe that there is a Giovanni's soul trapped inside him
  • have killed Jakob Phuridae