William Dunstin, S. J.

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Clan Ventrue
Position None
Status 6
Domain Peoria, IL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Player Name



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Real Name: William Dunstin

Apparent Age: late 20s

Concept: Conservative Priest

Physical description:William Dunstin is a 5'7" hispanic male that is attractive to the eye and appears in his late 20s. He is almost always sitting straight, well poised, and careful in his speach

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Queen Anne, Prince of London
  • Pious by Rictor Barnes former Lasombra Prince of Northern Virginia
  • Righteous by Richard, Lord Fauksley former Prince of Northern Virginia
  • Influential by Dean Famularo, former Prince of Washington , DC corently serving as Archon to Justicar Pascek
  • Honorable by Victor Shultz, former Prince of Souther Maryland presently serving as Alastor of Clan Tremere
  • Crusader by word of His Arbiter Elegance, Justicar Titus Petronius Niger
  • Reputation Merit : Trusted confessor and spiritual counselor.

Character Information

Known History

William Dunstin arrived to Washington DC from London in 2002. He quickly became a Primogen and then served the city as Harpy and Keeper before moving to Northern Virginia, where he served as a Primogen until 2005. In 2005 he moved to Paducah Ky, where he served as Sheriff briefly before becoming Harpy and then Prince of the domain. In 2010 he visited Peoria, IL looking for real-estate investments and decided to remain in the region. Within 4 months he was Prince. During 2004 he served as an Archon to Justicar Ctarinov and also defended Victor Shultz at a Judicial conclave. He is rumored to circulate with many archons from various Justicars.


Not known.






Brennen Leeander Aaron Hawthorn

Natalie Dunstin


Character Inspirations

Tomas de Torquemada


E Nomine'


  • "Fiat voluntas tua.."
  • "Grace and peace be with you this night and always"
  • "In Nomine Patre..."
  • "The Traditions have been given to us by the wisdom of our blessed Elders. Within my domain, should you break these traditions you will be seen as breaking the sacred trust that exists between the young and the old. And as you have scourged the honor of our elders so will I scourge your mind. I may not take your unlife, but leave you with the haunting feeling of some fond memory from your mortal days taken from your mind and shattered... forever out of your grasp. I do this not to be cruel, but to correct and admonish you to right living. So that this gnawing within your mind of what has been lost will ever remind you of the hollow gnawing of the soul that is the inevitable end of sedition against the teachings and wisdom of the Justicariate. Obey the traditions and you will know no harm. Keep the sacred trust and you will know the bliss that is service to one's elders."

  • Justicar Pascek "And what were you doing before Carthage was burned?"
  • Dunstin " Why Justicar... I was raising the price of salt" (shortly after Dunstin was air born)


  • Dunstin has no reflection
  • Dunstin had an army of gargoyles ready to attack the mid-atlantic at one point
  • Dunstin has been known to drink "hooch"
  • Dunstin refuses to feed from mortals that have eaten cheesecake within the past 7 days
  • Dusntin gained true faith during the nonclave weekend and lost it while talking to a Setite Priest.
  • Dusntin will be awarded a new microwave if he reaches a quota on converts.
  • Dunstin always has candy in his pocket that he traces with his blood.
  • Dunstin doesn't really know how to read due to his severe dyslexia.
  • Dunstin is afraid of the "Beast".
  • Dunstin has a thinly veiled love romance with Robert Mooreland.
  • Dunstin is allergic to Satan.
  • Dunstin is a coward.