Vinícius Rosenbaum

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Clan Malkavian
Position Archon
Status 6+3
Domain ???
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Brazilian Malkie Subbie


Writer writing writish writlings

Alias(es):The Writer, Der Schriftsteller, o Escritor, "Vini".

Real Name: Vinícius Melo Rosenbaum

Apparent Age: 24

Concept: Romantic writer

Physical description: Sleek and thin, he was already pale as a human but his current condition make it more pronounced. Usually using well tailored and expensive suits. Always with a notepad and pen, taking notes no one can understand but him.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged, Esteemed, Influential, Just, Respected, Trustworthy, Empowered, Feared, and Loyal.

Character Information

Known History

A romantic writer, Rosenbaum was born at Brazil and grew at Austrian Empire. Now, he is the Archon of Justicar Maris Streck appointed to Brazil. He is an oracle of the clan, and is known to take knowledge from nowhere when needed.


The Malkavian Justicariate counts?


Many Toreador are amongst his allies, and he is a friend of the clan.





Jairo Camilo Rosenbaum


Character Inspirations




  • Some say he was enemy of Streck, having even tried to kill her for sometime, and many don't understand his sudden change of heart, and subsequent archonship when she turned Justicar after Lucian.
  • He hates being an archon.
  • People who read his notes get mad
  • He is an Apostate of Set, but many other Apostates don't know this.