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This page could use a good bit of organization, more links. etc. I would love for this page (and pages like it) to become a one-stop shop for OWbN Camarilla knowledge. :) Please feel free to organize and add more links here. Just try to be logical. - Monica Ann 1/23/2011

Because of the number of submission forms, info guides, and other related sites for each clan, I'm going to try organizing the links to outside websites by clan, with an "other" section for the remainder. This may make it faster for players to find information pertaining to their PCs, as some things, (like submission forms) could easily be grouped under "forms" or "links" depending on one's point of view. If this doesn't work, there's always the undo button! -Kimberly 1/24/2011

I won't be moving any of the files to new sections right now, but I will replicate them under the clan categories under "helpful sites." - Kimberly 1/24/2011

Added at least ten new links to email lists, forms, or clan sites. Collected links into groups by clan or Camarilla-wide application. Added descriptors to some links already present to give a better idea what they are. - Kimberly much later on 1/24/2011