Soren le Maudit

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Clan Lasombra (AT)
Position Seneschal
Status 6+3+1
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Road of the Abyss 00
Player Jason Dawson


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Real Name: Soren

Apparent Age: Late 30s

Concept: Camarilla Loyal Pirate Sailor with French attitudes and Lasombra ambition

Physical description: Soren stands just over six feet tall, has long brown hair and a short cropped beard. The pupils of his eyes are deep and black, yet there remains something very magnetic that draws others to him.

Detailed Status:

  • Personal:
    • Acknowledged by Prince François Villon, 1825
    • Dedicated by Sovereign Rook, 11/17/18
    • Influential by Sovereign Rook, 5/4/19
    • Loyal member of clan Lasombra, 1848
    • Trustworthy by Carolina de Montaigne, 1972
    • Well-Connected by Jared Obstfeld, 3/17/18
  • Positional:
    • Cherished as Seneschal 5/18/19
    • Esteemed as Seneschal, 5/18/19
    • Trusted as Seneschal, 5/18/19
  • Honorary:
    • Respected as a Scion of the Camarilla by François Villon, 1848

Character Information

Known History

  • 1848 - After 23 years of living the Anarch life in France, Soren returned to the Camarilla proper with notable distinction. Soren was instrumental in preserving the existence of a Légat against an early dawn raid by Sabbat ghouls. The Sabbat forces attempted to trap the Légat in the open aired courtyard. Soren's Obtenebration defied the sun for over three hours and protected himself and the Légat long enough for the Prévôt’s ghouls to break the encircling forces. Prince Villon personally declared Soren a Scion of the Camarilla for his actions that morning.
  • 2017 - After years of treading water in the politics of Europe, Soren managed to offend a powerful elder. Soren drained his political capital to survive the scandal. He then decided to 'further his education" by leaving the courts of Europe in a gentle exile to American to avoid being victim to further political opportunism. He successfully relocated to the court Sovereign Prince Rook in Annapolis, MD.
  • 2019 - Soren has quickly risen in the fertile landscape of the American Kindred. He has just accepted the honor of serving as Seneschal to Sovereign Rook.



Morgan Trevani
Anastasia Koslov



Jared Obstfeld



Character Inspirations




  • Soren was one of several key actors in returning an elder back from the state of being a Daeva.
  • Soren is not actually French, but truly a Canadian poser.
  • Soren detests Bill Smith, and is out to get him.
  • Soren is boffing the Harpies.
  • Soren teaches blindfighting for very low prices.
  • Soren is a passionate aestheist
  • Soren likes his coffee black, like his soul.
  • Soren is actually a cuddly puppy, underneath the velvet coat.