Sangria de Corazon

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Clan Ventrue
Position Sheriff
Status 6+1
Domain San Francisco, CA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Kane


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Alias(es): Sangria

Real Name: Presumably something Cuban

Apparent Age: Early 20’s? Difficult to tell, lacking a little in the humanity department, plus he has the weathered face of someone who has seen a lot of combat.

Concept: Military Police Officer.

Physical description: About 6' tall, fairly thick-set, with shoulder length, wavy black hair and a Caribbean complexion. Rarely wears a suit, preferring instead less attention-gathering attire.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged, Dedicated, Fearless, Honorable, Loyal, Respected. Feared Positionally.

Character Information

Known History



William Orange


Sabbat, Setites, Some Tremere


Leonardo de Corazon (deceased)




None still alive, as far as Sangria knows

Character Inspirations

The following Movies: Mambo Kings, The Godfather series, Last of the Mohicans, Tales from the Hood


Pretty much anything by Johnny Cash (seriously, what vampire doesn't listen to this guy?) but in particular "Mercy Seat" "Get Rhythm" "God's gonna cut you down" and "Personal Jesus"

"Born to Die" by Spice 1 (if you've never heard this song, google it right now. Or better yet, watch the fourth story in Tales from the Hood)

Most Tupac

Sangria likes to listen to Willie Nelson music, and of course plenty of 50's era Musica Cubana.


  • "Sinners make the best Saints"
  • "All the devil requires is for good men to do nothing"
  • "Sooner or later God’s gonna cut you down"


  • Refuses to speak to/stand in the company of a Cathayan.
  • Very devout for a Kindred. Practices Santeria.
  • Has killed PLENTY of Sabbat
  • Fought on the loosing side of the Cuban Revolution