Sabine Reya

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Clan Tremere
Position Deceased
Status 6+1
Domain Westchester, NY
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Jenn


Sabine at the 2012 Northeast Event

None Known

Real Name: Sabine Reya

Apparent Age: Mid Twenties

Concept: Hippy Botanist

Physical description: Sexy in that dirty hippy kind of way: brown hair in varying styles, brown eyes, glasses, loose flowing clothing in earth tones.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged - by word of Prince Gareth Moncrief of Portsmouth, New Hampshire (2006)
  • Loyal - by word of Prince Edmond Dantes of Westchester, NY (For service to the domain, 2011)
  • Diligent - by William Harkness of clan Tremere
  • Resourceful - by word of Prince Anya of Hartford
  • Dedicated - by word of Prince Dantes of Westchester County
  • Praised - by word of Prince Gerard Saint Clair
  • Revered - as Tremere Primogen of Westchester, NY

Character Information

Known History

Originally from California, Sabine is a talented botanist and lover of nature. Her expert handling of natural wonders (and her hippie sex appeal) caught the attention of her Tremere sire. After her accounting and acknowledgement in Portsmouth, NH, Sabine moved first to Hartford then to Westchester, NY bringing her smarts and talent along with her.



William Harkness
Gerard Saint Clair



California Surfer Tremere #777




Character Inspirations



“We mock mother nature and the way of things because we feel slighted. I say, as an entity in the world, we must grow up! This immaturity is not okay. I allow other philosophers to argue the whys of how we got here and what or who is to blame for us being out of sync.”


  • Sabine had a fling with Archon Agrippa when he visited the Northeast
  • Died defending her Prince in a Sabbat ambush