Moth Minos

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Primogen
Status 5+1
Domain San Francisco, CA
Coterie Brood Minos
Society ???
Path ??? ???


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Real Name: Moth minos

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Time to go into the shady alley behind the nice restaurant

Physical description: Six feet of charming smiles, hand shakes, and a tan. This Nosferatu's obviously overcompensating for what hides beneath the mask. But, it's such a convincing game of make believe that it's often easy to forget who you are talking too.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged, Well Connected, Well Known, Cherished, Resourceful, (Positional) Revered

Character Information

The long standing Primogen of San Francisco is willing, and far too eager, to help.

Need to acquire something hard to find? Perhaps something you shouldn't have? Need some hard-to-get information? This is your man!

Moth is pretty obviously a face man; a savvy and friendly gentlemen renowned for his fine wine and conversation. He's easy to dismiss as a threat and makes it pretty obvious that he's out to find the higher bidder. The rumor is that he doesn't do much of his own work; being more of a socially respectable broker to the the deep underbelly of the Nosferatu.

His involvement with the High Society and the Church of Scientology are fairly well known, though it is suspected that he has his fingers in many more pies.

Known History

Moth appeared on the scene prior to the fall of Amador to the werewolves, capturing the Primogen seat of Amador a week after his arrival. He has served at the Primogen of almost every major city in Northern California, but currently serves in San Francisco.

Despite the appearance of a being a shallow pond, he has shown an eerie knowledge of things that go bump in the night. It is unknown if this strange knowledge is actually his, or if he just knows who he needs to talk too to get it.

Moth's Sire, Minos brood died in a horrible accident in Stockton, leaving Moth as a surrogate leader for his brood mates. A title which is slowly peeling away his carefully maintained veneer. There are a lot of rumors about how his sire died, and none of them are very savory.


Brood mates.

Political alliances unknown, but he seems willing to play mediator between the Bay Area and the Valley.


-Brood mates; the numbers vary from 4 to over a dozen. -The Court of San Francisco -Several Kuei-Jin -Michael Crison


A number of ex-Princes number amongst his most prominent enemies. Prince Maxwell of Sacramento, and him, seem to fluctuate between allies and enemies.




Matchstick Minos


The names, and size, of the brood fluctuate too often to keep track of. The most prominent are Matchstick Minos, Harpy of Los Angeles, Snowflake Minos, ex-harpy of Los Angeles, and Cas Minos, of Stockton.

Character Inspirations

Tom Cruise. Mania. Various slicksters I've met in bars.


"Don't kill me. I can help you."


  • Probably infernal, but you didn't hear it from me. Not like all those other "probably infernal" kindred; they're just powerful and ambitious. He's not, he just smells funny, so either he actually is, or knows about it.
  • Convinced a demon to leave San Francisco by bribing him with a bottle of wine.
  • Has been investigated by the Tremere, the Toreador, and the Nosferatu archons for infernalism. Anyone who does that, and lives, probably knows a bit too much.
  • The Minos brood has grown. Most numbers now place it at over a dozen members.
  • Got dragged off by a bunch of archons after the grand elysium in 2017, and hasn't been seen since. Which, since he's a Nos, probably means he's alive and well and reading this over your shoulder.