Marcus Cole

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Clan Gangrel
Position Deceased
Status 6
Domain Buffalo, NY
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Player Name


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Marcus Cole

Real Name: Marcus Cole?

Apparent Age: Early to Mid 30's

Concept: Penitent Defender of the innocent, Butcher of the Idiots.

Physical description: Stands about 5"11, with a stocky build. Shoulder length hair: Dirty blonde with 2 wiry black streaks.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged, via former Prince Buchanan (Brujah) of Buffalo
  • Resourceful, via former Prince Buchanan
  • Accomplished, via Edward II (Gangrel), Primogen
  • Stalwart, via Prince Eddie Carlson (Gangrel), of Buffalo
  • Valiant, via Prince Julius Cole (Toreador), of Philadelphia
  • Feared, via Edward II (Gangrel), Primogen

Character Information

Known History

Marcus arrived in the Domain of Buffalo in early 2009 from places largely unknown. After officially joining the Camarilla in that year, he effected a quick rise in status and position, attaining the rank of Seneschal in December 09. However, this rise was followed by an equally swift fall, reduced to almost nothing by April of 2010. Marcus has managed to recover nicely, serving as Gangrel Primogen in Buffalo prior to a walk-about in late winter of 2011. Upon returning to the city, Marcus assumed his previously held position of Scourge.




Edward II, Julius Cole, Moira O'Neil, Salihah, Bjorn Siggurdson, Others


Dumbfucks everywhere




James Issac Oswald




"There is no problem that cannot be solved by the timely application of a .50 hot load to the temporal lobe. Except ghosts, that shit's weird." -On the Sabbat, and other things that go bump in the night

"And you didn't let me kill her why?" -To Moira O'Neil, on a suspected Toreador-Anti

"Have you ever seen ghostbusters? Well the mid-Atlantic is the twinkie" -Marcus, to Michael Flatz

"Moira, the baby Toreador is following me again" -On Poppy Elliot

"(sound of claws retracting)If I kill you, it will only prove you right, lets go outside and have a conversation about tact" -Marcus, responding to the question "so I hear you're a murderous psychopath"

"You know, my tie tack used to be one of your priests, is there anyone who want to volunteer to be my cuff-links?" -Marcus, to the Sabbat


Marcus is somehow related to Julius Cole of Philadelphia

Marcus may be a Toreador, or was it a Brujah?

Marcus wears jewelry made from his vanquished foes

Presumed dead at the hands of the Sabbat November 2011

Those truly responsible for his death have also met their end. He has been avenged.

Character Inspirations

You've seen Babylon 5? Yeah, same guy. Slightly less stable in this incarnation.


Won't Back Down - Tom Petty